Good Life Nature Activity: Florida Museum of Natural History by: pilar thangwaritorn

Nature on Display: The one display at this museum that caught my eye was "The Hall of Florida Fossils Evolution of Life and Land." The dim lights and enormous fossils make the visitors want to learn more about other fossils that could be on display further inside. Another reason why this particular exhibit was intriguing to me was the fact that I remember this area when I last came to the museum as a 6 year old. This exhibit educates the general public about the variety of species that set foot on our planet long ago and how it evolved to what we see in living organisms today. I appreciate the great detailed explanations that's put into each component in the museum. The Florida Museum of Natural History allowed me to appreciate our past more and how everything before builds into what we have today.

Nature and Ethics: The museum itself wasn't the reason for me to respect nature but it was an opportunity to gain insight on how our land is created from the past. As I walked through the exhibits I felt highly educated about our environment, especially Florida's nature. My interest peaked at certain areas of the museum such as the lab where people perform research on insects. The fact that people chose to do this as a career fascinated me and grew to appreciate how much nature has to offer us. You can tell other visitors were excited to be there and share it with the entire family. Children enjoyed the interactive components and adults were caught reading about more facts for each exhibit. Visiting the museum allowed a connection to nature by becoming more educated and experiencing it personally. For example, the butterfly garden allowed a real life interaction for all ages. It shows our environment at the beautiful state with fully bloomed flowers and butterflies flying around. The staff member who explained the butterfly's life gave insight on the main uses and benefits for nature as a whole. They stress the importance of saving our planet and how we are the ones to change the future and keep our world sustainable for future generations.

Nature and the Human Spirit: Overall, the natural history museum allows us to take a moment and realize the world around us. Sometimes we get caught in our lives and forget what nature has to offer. It shows how we were environmentally from the past and what it leads up to this day. It educates the remains of the past while raising awareness about sustainability for today and each day forward. This allows us to rethink how we are as active citizens in this world and what actions should be taken. The museum also allows us to appreciate what we have around us, whether it's the small things or nature as a whole. Everything builds on each other to create something phenomenal and greater, something we see in the present. It's important to understand that nature only lives as long as we allow it to and it's our responsibility to take action when needed.

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