Bettering my cooking and bettering lives. Stefon Duron

blog 1 What i plan on doing for my project is learning how to better my cooking while helping the homeless or making my brother lunch for the week so he doesn't have worry about spending money on lunch.
Blog 2 What i have accomplished this week is i made an Instagram to show all my classmates friends and family what i'm cooking, and to show off my food and to also keep track of all the foods i make.
blog 3 What i have accomplished this week is looking into charities to donate food too, i haven't established any connections yet but i will continue to work on making connections.
blog 4 This week my mentor came to my house to help me cook food for my friends and family, i cooked grilled chicken penne pasta, and i have pictures on my Instagram to share of my food.
blog 5 This week i hope to accomplish meeting with my mentor again to make food again Friday, this week i will be cooking more close to home maybe my Mac and Cheese and something else but i'm not exactly sure yet.
blog 6 What i did over break was not as much as i would've liked to accomplish i have cooked different meals but forgot to take videos/pictures because i was just busy and completely forgot
blog 7 What has been stopping me from posting pictures and video's of my food is school, because whenever i get home from school i still have to do homework and that usually takes awhile and by the time i'm finished i completely forgot about my project. what i will present at the symposium will be pictures and descriptions of the foods i make and planning on making.


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