Thundershack Market Research by: Kaleb Robertson and Brandon cruz

SwoT Anaylysis


  • The Thundershack has done a sufficient job at advertising it products, as it is not a problem with the advertising, but instead a problem with the products being advertised, because they are not drawing in customers, hence the need for new products.
  • Hot meals from Daddy'O's have gained popularity.
  • Customer service has improved.


  • Increasing Operation Hours
  • Selling new, more varied products


  • The product mix is not drawing in customers, especially at the current pricing rate.
  • Meals are not viewed as a value to customers.
  • Competition has similar products at lower prices, as well as the competition has had better exposure; For example, the school snack vendor sells cookies for only 25 cents, and is well known.


  • Lower prices and better known products at the competition

target Market

The customer base for the Thundershack is all students, but typically leaned toward the lower class students (Freshman, Sophmores). Especially students who don't take lunch.

Survey Questions asked

  • Have you been to the Thundershack?
  • How often do you spend money during lunch?
  • What do you typically/bring for lunch?
  • Are you more likely to buy foods or drinks at lunch?
  • Would you like to see the Thundershack open Before or After school?
  • How much are you willing to spend on Food?
  • Do you typically buy the same thing for lunch everyday?
  • What are some examples of hot meals you would like to see in the Thundershack?
  • What are some examples of snacks you would like to see in the Thundershack?
  • What are some examples of beverages you would like to see in the Thundershack?
  • What foods do you currently like at the Thundershack?

Hours of Operation

Market Research has led to the conclusion of the Thunder shack needing to be open both before and after school in order to maximize profits. Adding a total of an hour to the stores daily operating time, 30 minutes before and after school; to supply breakfast options before, and snacks and drinks after, especially to athletes heading to practices.

Hopefully further expanding the customer base into lunch time, as many students have in-fact been to the Thundershack, but they did not find any products that sufficiently suited their needs, nor intrigued them to come back. Meaning the more major problem to solve, is the product mix...


A few of the current products at the Thundershack

Through Market Research we have come to decide that the Thundershack needs to see a major revision in its current products, particularly focusing its efforts around hot meals, later, once cash flow and customer population has increased, looking into selling more cold meals, and more snack options; As proven by our customer surveys.

Other surveys also led us to conclude that we should sell our pizza and chicken tenders more consistently, because many students at Thunderbird eat the same thing everyday if they are buying lunch, and hot meals are currently the most popular and most asked for food items at the Thundershack.

List or product recomendations

  • Chicken tenders and pizza everyday (Possibly replace chicken tenders with a cheaper option, that still fits guidelines, like COLEMAN ORGANIC® Breaded Chicken Breast Tenders)
  • Alexia Organic Yukon Select Fries, or Cascadian Farm Premium Organic Tatter Tots
  • Delimex Beef Taquitos
  • Bring back Vistar Jerky
  • Further look into seasonal soups as requested by survey takers
  • Look into Nachos from Big Daddy's
  • Research cheaper cookie dough


Through our surveys we confirmed that majority of students buy their lunches, and that it is just a matter of proper product and pricing in order to bring in more customers.

Further surveys helped to establish that our current pricing is in potential customers preferred range, its just a matter of grouping together the right products to get them to come to our establishment rather than competitors.

We do however recommend that we create more "Combo Meals" and "Bundles", because every student wants to get more food, for less money, its undeniable.


Finally, to the strongest aspect of the Thundershack, Its advertising.

Although the customer flow to the Thundershack is currently, minimal, Its not due to lack of advertising, in-fact, most of the customers its had, have come in due to marketing commercials and print ads, without them. most students would most likely not even know that the Thundershack, exists due to its poor positioning on campus. This can be proven by the simple fact that no other food distributors on campus have advertisements, yet they still get numerous customers, as well as, the few customers the Thundershack does get, often come in knowing exactly what they want because they saw it on an ad, like the chicken tenders for example, which new customers often come in timidly asking for.

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