William Yap

Coyote Creek Flood

A teenage boy follows his grandmother through murky waters back to their apartment on Senter Road in San Jose.

On February 21, 2017, the Nordale neighborhood in San Jose was heavily affected by the overflowed Coyote Creek. The following are photos I took from the day it happened and from the aftermath.

Firefighters hose down a man who walked in contaminated water (1) Two San Jose city workers organize donations (2) The overnight shelter established at James Lick High School (3) Carmen Dávalos and Jessica Garcia-Kohl clean up debris from Dávalos's apartment (4) A worried mother on the phone with her son, who walked through murky waters to save the family cat (5)
A man surveys behind him before backing out his car from the flooded streets of Nordale Avenue in San Jose. (Featured on page 2 of the February 23, 2017 edition of the Spartan Daily)
A resident from the Nordale neighborhood evacuates his flooded home with his family's belongings. (Featured on the front page of the February 23, 2017 edition of the Spartan Daily)

On a lighter note...

The music flows through Chase Sagisi during a dance rehearsal at California's Great America.

Since 2015, Chase Sagisi has been fighting depression and anxiety. Sagisi would smoke marijuana daily in order to cope with his negative thoughts. Now he struggles to resist the urge to smoke and to fall back into a dark abyss.

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