The ThiccWetPapi Experience A beginning


Section 037, Journey Log 1


The gist of this past week was introducing the course and the journey that is to come. With not knowing what will come, the habit of mind that will be mentioned most is most definitely exploring but with a fair deal of metacognition. Not knowing what is coming really makes writing about what is coming an extemporaneous task but as a Bard, I know my creative and artistic qualities will help me conquer each ensuing objective.

"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see"-John Lennon:Strawberry Fields Forever

Reflecting on this past week, it was probably the most fun I have ever had in an English class. It started out with making an avatar (I do play a fair share of video games so I am familiar with doing that) but I also like to think of it as my "alter-ego." My avatar is named "ThiccWetPapi" and there is no rational reason why I chose that name except it gave me a good laugh. Another thing I noticed early in this class is the necessity to use the imagination we all possess. This is a lost art in almost every English class because the teachers have a formula for each essay, expect each one to be written inside that box they create, and no student thinks outside of that box. I was expecting the same but with more difficulty since it was a college composition class, but I was completely wrong. The class is taught as a game and though there are guidelines and recommendations for each assignment, you do not have to go by those standards (Though you must still put in effort but use creativity). I have written a fictional novel (not published yet), write poetry often, in the process of making a short film, and daily blogged my first semester of college here at Clemson on YouTube, so to hear that I can use my creative abilities to the maximum is a dream come true for me.

I also learned that we are encouraged to fail in this class. I remember from my favorite book ever (besides The Catcher in the Rye), Think and Grow Rich, that we must distinguish between failure and temporary defeat. We only fail if we believe we did and we are only failures if we accept that we are. One must learn from temporary defeat and learn a valuable lesson from each defeat. I'm sure this is what is meant when it's said we should fail some in this class. If one goes through a class with 100s on everything, was the class worth it? Couldn't you have reach a book on composition and learned just as much? That is what I took from the lesson of failure and Kairos and Metanoia.

This is one of the first videos I made and it was about my favorite video game of all time. I always played NCAA 06 as a kid when I got home from school. Being a pretty avid gamer, I know graphics have transcended and everything looks better and runs better and you can play online with friends, but there is no duplicating or replacing nostalgia. I am very excited to hear this class will be run as a game and the objective of gaining XP always motivates me to play more and more of a particular game (maybe too much) so I know I will be motivated to do great in this class.

Sucking Up-Kinda

I hate when students suck up to a teacher, and I'm sure the teacher feels a bit awkward when it's happening cause it's usually a lot of bullshit. There is an exception here though because I honestly thank my professor, Christopher Stuart, for allowing the creative minds of each of his students to flourish. If everyone in the world had the opportunity to use their creativity, how amazing would the world be? Many don't have the opportunity, maybe they are disabled in some or whatever the case may be, but even college students. Some may want to produce a movie (currently doing but tough with time) or write a book or sign a record deal, but many don't have the time. They have all these creative ideas but they are consumed with schoolwork and that schoolwork is almost always reading notes, reading a book, taking an online test, or writing a cut-and-dry essay. So this class is already refreshing and actually has me excited to show up everyday to showcase my creative abilities. This is a sincere 'Thank You' to my professor, with no bullshit.

Poem-My Bard extra piece

On days that begin a fair 4 hours too soon

I step my branded feet inside this naturally-lit room

My professor starts off making a radical proposition

"Learn to unlearn everything you have previously known about composition"

We engage in talks that range from gaming to Metanoia

He scares us with projects and quickly eases that paranoia

Uttering things like "Be creative and you will not fail

For if you learn to use your imagination you will learn everything well"

So as I type this with creative thoughts in midst of oscillation

I realize I'm doing this assignment out of fun and not obligation.

So when I climb this mountain of composition, I'm sure not to fall

Because I realize I'm using my own mind to succeed, and thats the greatest realization of all.


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