Self Build Utopias Northern Stage for Great Exhibition of the NOrth

Each week at Northern Stage different artists will create exhibitions, installations and performances that imagine a more creative, sustainable and fun future!

What will buildings be like in the future?

Where and how will we live?

Could you build a utopia?

COME ON IN and design your own future world where anything is possible. #selfbuildutopias #northernstage


SONIA HUGHES & LISA MATTOCKS: What Do We Want? When Do We Want It?

TUE 7 - SUN 12 AUG

No really, if you could have anything, if you could make the world exactly as you wanted, what would you want? Together we will try to imagine now we'd like our lives to be and our desires will be displayed on posters.

What would you like to change about how you live now? Build your ideas onto our map of solutions.

Some of your ideas as displayed in Stage 3.

Fabric Lenny: Doodletopias

From FRI 22 JUN

Fabric Lenny is creating a new evolving wall painting that will grow during the summer months reaching completion in early September. Stop by share a high five and have a chat as the work develops and grows from initial ideas to a fully formed piece.

154 Collective: Cities in the Sky

From MON 9 JUL

The piece will combine painting, drawings, words, sounds and projection all inspired by how people think we will, could or should live in the future. Pop along to see and create your own piece of art to be included in the final creation.

"This way to Utopia"

Hannah Fox: Shacklands

From TUE 10 JUL

Peep inside our mobile village of unpredictable mini-shelters and listen to life as it sounds from the shacks. Explore our flock of handmade homes inhabiting the building this summer; unusual and playful, each one sheltering a life inside.


Unfolding Theatre: Building Palaces

THU 16 - SUN 19 AUG

If you could built your own palace, what would it be like?

Visit a pop-up installation to discover different palaces on different days. Perhaps you will find Beccy Owen's palace of songwriting (17-18 Aug), Brendan Murphy's palace of glass musical instruments (16 & 19 Aug), Alex Elliott's anti-palace of broken dreams (18-19 Aug) or Pady O'Connor's palace of play (16-17 Aug).

Northern Stage Young Company: Where Do We Stand?


A kaleidoscopic view of Generation Z's ideas on the future of our city. Listen, watch and add your voice. Join us for a fusion of spoken word, sound and live performance made by young people living and dreaming in the North East.

Completed Exhibitions

Third Angel: The Desire Path


Picture a map of your city. Think of the names of its streets and paths. Rename a street of your choice after a hope or ambition for the future. Help them draw a city of dreams.

The new city of dreams.
Experimental Architecture Group: Here Be Monsters


In the near future, our buildings will share some of the features of living systems. They will be able to sense us and respond to our presence. They will know who we are and what we need. Our buildings will become monsters for living in, which we will inhabit among organs that care for and protect us. Step into our monster through its mouth, experience its many organs, and hope to escape through its tail.


Northern Stage, Barras Bridge, Newcastle, NE1 7RH

To find us, head up Barras Bridge from Haymarket Metro, and turn left before Quilliam Brothers' Teahouse. You will find our exhibition entrance on the left hand side - look out for the big signs.

Northern Stage on Innovation Trail

Share your utopia

COME ON IN and design your own future world where anything is possible. #selfbuildutopias #northernstage

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