"The Divine", Good Life Play By: marla smith

This photo was taken right before the play started. The Spatial experience that I encountered was like no other. I was a little in awe of how large the auditorium was when I walked into it. My friend, Koby and I sat in the back of the auditorium because I was scared if I sat in front they would ask me a question or something, and sitting in the back was different. I probably heard the actors tones differently than one would up close. When the lights dimmed and audience quieted, it was a little surprising that teenagers could actually be quiet for something like that. I think the role of the place kept up with the theme of a good life because if it was small or smelled bad or had any bad attributes it would not reflect positivity nor prosperity in a play or life.
This photo was taken after the play with my friend Koby. Koby was sitting with me while we were watching the play because he is in the good life class too. To get ready for the experience, we got dressed nice and planned who was driving and finding the location. Attending the play with my friend helped us both understand it better because if one of us were confused we could ask each other in intermission what it meant or what happened, which was beneficial for understanding. Shared experiences are important in the Good life because without them we wouldn't talk with our friends about things we did together or things we seen or talked about. Without shared experiences what would one talk about with their friends or family?
The central theme of the play was mainly the large gap between the rich and the poor. Before seeing the play I knew this issue has been relevant for most of our (the whole world's) history. Generally the rich are far more powerful than the poor and can manipulate them easily because the rich are most likely educated and the poor are not. The play brought to light how easily things can be changed with lies and how destructive not telling the truth can be. The characters were affected dramatically because of the oppression in that era. The subject is somewhat relevant in everyone's life because everyone lies and is affected by censorship. The news is censored and affects the way our society sees topics now and it effects us all.

The Divine play gives us an opportunity for "katharsis" because it gives us a new light of the themes that we had probably never seen before. It helps our opinions "come clean" and could possibly even change them if we thought something different then than after we watched the play. The play also helps us see a side of each character (which each character is different) and helps us get a perspective of what they thought about the themes in a inapparent way.

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