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Hello and welcome! This guide is going to walk you through the process of what a boudoir shoot is and how the process works over here at KMP. I am excited to get you in the studio! If you have any questions after reading this, please feel free to reach out via email to and we will get back to you in 24-48 hours!

I have been doing boudoir for over 6 years. Boudoir is so precious to me because I love helping women feel better about themselves, inside and out. We all struggle with self image, and I want to help women overcome as much of that as I can. I love the WOW factor. I love delivering images to women and having them say, "I can't believe that's me! I have never felt so beautiful in my entire life!" It means so much to me to be able to offer that to women, and that women of all ages trust me to provide them with this experience. You don't need to lose 15 pounds to do a session with me. You don't need to be Beyonce curvy. You just need to be you. Have fun. And enjoy this moment. You won't regret it!!

Our studio is located at 4 North Road, Deerfield, NH, right above the Nine Lions Tavern. We are centrally located: 30 mins from Concord and Manchester, 40 mins from Portsmouth, and 50 mins from Boston. We have gorgeous natural light, hardwood floors, and hand selected decor in our whitewashed studio.

So, what is boudoir? Boudoir technically is a French word which means 'a woman's dressing room or bedroom', but I like to think of it as just a fancy word for women's intimate portraiture. Boudoir is NOT pornographic or sexual. Boudoir can be fun, flirty, beautiful, cute, sexy, feminine, intimate, candid, posed, or really anything else you want it to be. If you have not already joined our private VIP group on Facebook, I highly suggest that you do!

What would I do with boudoir portraits? Well, a lot of women come to me with the intention that the images are going to be a gift for their partner. Whether it's an upcoming wedding, anniversary, birthday, holiday, or even just because, boudoir makes a unique gift that will be cherished for the rest of your lives. That is not the only reason you should do a boudoir session! I love it when women come to me for themselves. The images we create together will boost your self esteem and your confidence, and that should be celebrated by YOU!

But I don't really have anyone to give the boudoir portraits to! I actually believe that boudoir is the best gift you can give YOURSELF, to capture your essence as you are now. When you need a reminder of the strong, beautiful woman that you are, you will have a collection of amazing portraits to look upon.

I don't look like the women in your portfolio! There is no such thing as the perfect body. You are never too big, too small, too old, too young (well, ok, I only accept boudoir clients who are 18+ so you must be at least that old) to do a boudoir session. Boudoir is for every BODY. Let me show you.

Can you make me look skinnier? I want to help you feel beautiful now, just the way you are. That doesn't mean I am not going to help flatter you with hair and makeup styling, a wardrobe that compliments your figure, and amazing lighting and posing techniques to highlight your best ass-sets (see what I did there?). However, I do not believe in heavy photoshopping. We already live in a time where we are consumed with unrealistic bodies in the media, I want to show you that you are beautiful at this very moment.

What will I wear? I have created a beautiful and comprehensive wardrobe guide that should give you the 411 on how to look and feel like a bombshell for your session. My policy is always "when in doubt, bring it"! Cover all aspects of your personality, whether you are a girl-next-door type on Mondays to a glamor queen on the weekends. You are welcome to make a Pinterest board and share it with me, so I can help you make your dream shoot a reality. Please, no props, no spray tans, and absolutely NO WEAPONS.

Can my partner be in "just a few" of the images? The short answer to this is no. I take a lot of time planning the session for YOU, including getting to know you and prepping you for the session. The day of your session, I spend more time warming you up and helping you feel comfortable. Throwing someone else in for "just a few" images doesn't work. I offer couples sessions to my previous clients who have already had their individual boudoir session done.

Are you going to share my images? I do NOT share images without your explicit, written consent. The only images I have ever shared on my website, Facebook, Instagram, blog, etc all have written consent by the client.

Before your session, I will be sending you some important prep and wardrobe guides as well as a survey so that I can get to know you better. I even offer a complimentary wardrobe consultation if you want to Skype and show me what you are thinking of wearing or even try it on! I am here for you every step of the way to make sure that you feel prepared and comfortable during this whole process. If you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out. Email is how I communicate with clients, you can email me any time at

Your entire experience will last about 3 hours the day of, you will receive complimentary hair and makeup, access to the client wardrobe, and much more! I am going to pose you from head to pointed toe, and help you with a variety of facial expressions! Prepare to be sore after your session, we do a LOT of bending and twisting (it's quite the workout!). Sessions begin at 9AM unless special arrangements need to be made for you. Plan on being here at least 9am-12pm!

You have the option of having your ordering appointment the same day of your session, or 3-5 days after your session you can return to the studio for your order appointment. Whether you choose to see your images same day or a week later, we will select which images you would like to purchase and how you would like to display them at home! Ordering appointments take approximately 1.5-2 hours, so please plan accordingly! Come prepared to pay in full at your viewing session unless you have taken advantage of our pre-paid payment plans. You will receive your images in about 3-4 weeks once your final payment is processed! We do not offer online galleries or multiple appointments for your reveal, all ordering decisions must be made at your reveal appointment.

So what do I need to do to book? The Session Fee is $250 and needs to be paid in full to reserve your date. The $250 Session Fee includes hair and makeup, an hour and a half of boudoir photography, 3 outfit changes, your private in person viewing session to select images and purchase our fine heirloom products, and all the beautiful hand retouching on your purchased images. Please email us at for availability.

Please keep in mind the studio books up 4-5 months in advance, sometimes more. If you have a special occasion coming up, I recommend booking 6-8 months in advance of that date. Boudoir sessions are held at 9AM at our studio, Tuesdays-Fridays. We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays, and Mondays are reserved for other appointments. Most of our clients request the day off of work and reserve childcare for the day so that they can attend their session. No one under the age of 18 is allowed in the studio for the session or the reveal appointment, if you are bringing a guest for moral support we ask to be notified in advance of your session and limit guest count to one. Male guests are welcome to hang out at the Tavern downstairs during your session, female guests are welcome to stay in the studio or go to the Tavern.

What can I expect to spend? This is a great question. Before we have created your images, it is hard for me to give you an exact figure as to what to expect. Some women come to me and just spend a few hundred dollars on select items, others come to me and want it all and invest several thousand. I can say that my most popular collections are the Rose and the Gold, with or without add-ons. Many of my clients utilize PayPal Credit to pay for their collection, and for those who do not qualify I offer an in-house financing pre-paid payment options. You are, of course, always welcome to pay in full with cash or credit/debit cards.

Studio Policies

  • When selecting your date, please keep in mind the Session Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE as once your date is set, we begin turning away all other work on that day.
  • We book sessions and appointments back to back, so please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early or late for your session.
  • If you are late to your appointment, the session will not be extended to compensate lost time. If you are more than 30 minutes late for your appointment, your session will be cancelled and you must pay a $150 rescheduling fee in order to select a new date. This also applies to your reveal session.
  • If you need to reschedule your session there is a rescheduling fee that must be paid prior to selecting a new date. The new session date must be held within 30 days of original session date.
  • If you must reschedule more than 30 days from your original session date, a new session fee must be paid, the previous session fee will be forfeited.
  • If you are requesting a reschedule 30 days or more prior to your session, a $100 rescheduling fee will be applied.
  • If you are requesting a reschedule 29 days or less prior to your session, a $150 rescheduling fee will be applied.
  • Requesting a second reschedule will require a new $250 Session Fee to be paid, all other monies paid will be forfeited.
  • No shows will be charged a $500 fee.
  • No shows and cancelled sessions will not receive a refund, all monies paid will be forfeited.

If there is anything else you need to know before you book, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Kelli Marie Photography - 4 North Road Deerfield NH 03037

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