97 Yards And other nice things

This has got to be a really cool deal when you're 10. A player from one of the Heritage feeder programs paces the team through the banner, with Tristen Hurst (4), Michael White (57) and Ryan Butler (81) in hot pursuit.
Just keeps getting better.
And better.
The Mountaineers leave the field after pregame.
Before you know it ...
It's showtime!
This shot was so good we decided to run it twice. Hurst caps a game-opening, 97-yard drive with this dive into the end zone from 11 yards. The cool thing is watching offensive lineman Nick Bryant (65) guard Hurst's back even in mid-flight.
Guarding the colors.
This trumpet player from the Karns band almost seems to be playing a tribute to running back Desean Bishop, who had a monster night with four touchdowns and over 300 yards rushing in the Beavers' win.
Mountaineer quarterback Zach Hollman and Hurst accounted for the Heritage touchdowns on a pair of crunching, ball-control drives.
This Hurst kickoff return just missed going for points. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.
A leader, all in.
Heritage seniors Ryan Ellis (61) and Kurt Headrick handle the coin toss. Hedrick distinguished himself with some big hits at one of the corners on defense.