Time Plan Times July 2017 - II Edition

Teachers Newsletter

To start, a request for contributions to our termly teacher newsletter. This can be anything from an interesting story about one of your teachers to anything you think our teachers might find interesting or useful, from travel guides for our overseas teachers to lesson planning tips.

School left in shock as "EVERY TEACH QUITS at end of term"

This article reports that 'Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School' in Bristol has been left in shock as every single member of its teaching staff has quit. Sixteen teachers including two heads and a number of staff with more than 20 years’ service have left since the start of the year.

The school is a one form entry and was actually rated as "good" by Ofsted in 2013 but the 2016 SATs results were well below the standards set by the DFE with only 24% of pupils achieving the expected levels.

In the easter of 2016 the then head teacher resigned and was replaced in October 2016 by 'Executive Head' Louisa Wilson, who is also a head at another nearby school, which recently had it's Maths exam results annulled. This seems to have lead to a large number of staff being signed off for stress, reportedly saying "they could not work with the new executive head"

"All of the teachers are leaving. We’ve had enough. “Many of them were signed off with stress, and the pressure was unreasonable. “We were told if we did not follow the head’s methods, we would not be welcome at the school."

And now at the end of year all remaining staff have handed in their resignation, citing unreasonable workloads and irreconcilable differences with management. The School's board of governors have ensured parents that teachers will be replaced with a full staff for the new year.

TimePlan to the rescue maybe?

This is a troubling story, but should serve to remind us the challenges of our work but also its importance and that we are dealing with real people with real lives.

Changes to CV/Job Boards Applications Protocol

We have made slight changes to the way we add CV-Job boards leads to STAR. Instead of filling in the "Job Title" based on what we think they will be, we will now fill out the subjects fields under the 'Qualifications' tab. We will not however fill out what Key Stages they can teach. When offices vet and/or interview the teacher the key stages can be ticked by the regional office following a more indepth discussion regarding their skill set.

The reason for this change is that this way people will show up if a regional coordinator is running a search. The offices that are well on top of their statuses will be unaffected by this, as they will have very few teachers in the CV/ JB leads status anyway. One of the summer tasks is to make sure all offices have their statuses up to scratch but if you do fall behind the teacher will still be able to found via a search.


Another reminder from Kevin:

Can you please ensure that you send the teacher details to Lester’s as early as possible for you Sep placements and your GWA’s. This will make sure that they can all be signed up before they arrive/start.


As we go into summer it may seem like September is an age away, but it'll be here in just a few weeks in reality, so it is vital that we get our inductions for our teachers ready, especially for those coming from overseas. This includes organising any airport pick ups etc.


We will soon be stocking up on merchandise for the coming year, If you have any suggestions please speak up and get in touch with me. Send me an E-Mail with your ideas to James.McMorrow@timeplan.net.

Please consider the volume we will need, the cost this will incur and the practicality of creating and distributing them to our teachers.

If you have any issues you would like raised in the next edition of The TimePlan Times please give me a call 1016 or email James.McMorrow@timeplan.net.

Thank You.

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