March on Washington By Dylan Neubauer

Imagine that you are an African American after World War 2. After you get back home from the military, you are not able to get a good job and are not able to vote. On August 28th, 1963, the African American community organized a political rally called the March on Washington.
The March on Washington was a key part of the Civil Rights Movement. It's goal was to spread more awareness to the movement.
On the day of the march on Washington, european americans and african americans came together to support the rally and also to protest against it too. During the rally Martin Luther King Jr. said his "I Have a Dream" speech which helped emphasized his dream about the future between races.
Before the Civil Rights Movement, African Americans were slaves and they could not vote. After the Civil Rights Movement, Africans Americans were relieved of slavery and able to get jobs and they were able to vote. The Europeans Americans of corse tried to prevent them from voting and getting jobs. The African Americans were eventually able to get their desired job and ability to vote without them getting discriminated against. This happen becvause of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
The March on Washington made political and economic equality a reality where as before this it was a just dream for the African American community. This event was one of the most famous parts of the Civil Rights Movement because of how it influenced the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
The March on Washington is not the only march that has happened in Washington. Right now there is a Women's March on Washington happening. This march is against Trump and is protesting against women's rights being unequal.

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