How Studying Abroad Has Influenced Our Style Hilary Fantine

Studying abroad can be a difficult and sometimes confusing due to how different two cultures can be. While transitioning from America to Italy, fashion differences were very evident from first sight, but myself, and many students in the program, have adapted to this cultural change and purchased "Italian" style clothing. This website shows how we have chosen to alter our styles after Italian style. Enjoy viewing the inspirations we have found in Italy, and how we dress now, thanks to them!


Skinny Jeans: Hollister $30, Striped Pants: Forever 21 $15, Black Pants: H&M $25

Tayler was inspired to trade in her old skinny jeans for a fancier pair of pants. In Italy, it is very common to see people wearing dressier pants, as evident in the pictures. Her transition came from hanging out with Italians who chose to dress more formal than the casual dress we were all used to in America. After seeing how the Italians dressed, she decided to take a trip to her local H&M and find a pair of pants that suited her new Italian lifestyle.


Black Scarf: Forever 21 $7, Pink Scarf: Pimkie $15, Gray Scarf: H&M $12

Kelli was inspired by the Italian fashion of wearing big, bulky scarves. In America, it is typical to wear a thin scarf, wrapped around in a simple fashion, but upon Kelli's arrival in Italy, she noticed that was not the fashion in Reggio Emilia. She decided to buy herself a large scarf, capable of being tightly wrapped around her jacket to keep her warm in the cold. She remains happy with her decision and wears it a lot more often than her old, American one.


High Boots: Steve Madden $150, Tassel Boots: H&M $30, Low Boots: Target $20

In the United States, the style is all about how high your boot can get, but in Italy, that is far from the style. Kali recognized this style difference and became interested in finding a new pair of boots. She finds low boots more comfy and casual than her American high boots. They are a boot that is fitting on everyone and comes in many different styles. The low boot is a fashion trend many study abroad students have followed, and will continue to follow once they have returned home.


Flannel: Abercrombie $29, Denim Jacket: H&M $30, Pink Denim Jacket: H&M $25

It is clear to see that denim jackets are a big trend in Italy, whereas in the United States, flannels are seen all over. Brianna caught onto this trend and decided to make it her own. Rather than purchasing a typical denim jacket, she chose to be different and buy a pink one. It's a purchase that she says matches her new fashion preferences that she developed once she got to Italy.


Nikes: Nike Store $65, Adidas: Foot Locker $100

Walking down the streets of Italy, you are bound to see numerous pairs of Adidas, which is why so many study abroad students have been influenced to buy a pair. Olivia was one of those students. She chose to buy a pair to fit into the Italian style, while also having it become her own, new fashion sense. She finds them easy to wear with every outfit, while also being a comfortable option.


Blue Jacket: Forever 21 $20, Black Leggings: Nike $40, Nike Shoes, $80. Denim Jacket: Pimkie $30, Black Jeans: H&M $30, Boots: Boutique $40. Gray shirt: Urban Outfitters $25, Jeans: American Eagle $30, Sandals: Pull & Bear $25.

Americans are known for their athletic fashion sense, but upon first arrival to Italy, it was evident that a sporty style was not worn by most Italians. Allison takes this into consideration when choosing her outfits nowadays. She says she still wears her athletic clothing, but is much more conscious to dress more formally on a day to day basis.


Combat Boots: Steve Madden $100, Black Low Heeled Boots: Boutique $15, High Chunky Boots: H&M $25

Elaine chose to trade in her American style combat boots for a pair of the very popular chunky heeled boots. She felt they dressed up an outfit more, whereas her old combat boots are used for a more casual look. She fell in love with this style of boot from walking around the city and seeing the massive amounts of Italians wearing them.


White Top: PacSun $20, Floral Shirt: Pimkie $30, Maroon Shirt: H&M $25

In the States, the trend is all about crop tops, and as of late, the shorter the top, the more fashionable it is. But in Italy, the style is far from the same. When Kali started studying in Florence, she noticed not many people wore cropped tops. This made her decide to take her Italian inspiration and look around her local stores. She finds tucked in shirts more professional, but they also have the opportunity to be outfits for everyday, as well as going out attire.


Leggings: LuluLemon $100, First Pair of Jeans: Levi's $65, Second Pair of Jeans: H&M $40

Mason became inspired by the Italian loose jeans. In America, she is used to wearing comfy leggings or tight skinny jeans, but walking around the streets of Reggio Emilia, she realized she loved the Italian mom jean style. She plans on taking this style to Brazil and back to the States to show off her newfound style inspiration.


Black Jacket: North Face $100, Italian Jacket: H&M $50, American Jacket: Dicks $45

Upon arrival to Italy in the cold months, it became obvious long jackets were the style. In America, North Face and short jackets were all the style. Sarah decided to commit to this style and had her parents bring her a new one when they came to visit. She purchased a long raincoat. She wears it at every opportunity and loves wearing Italian clothing.

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