The Unfortunate and Mysterious Package By: Quinn Jones

I was shivering. My house was as cold as the peaks of Mount Everest. My dog, Jim, and I were freezing. It was -32 degrees fahrenheit outside. Snow was rushing down and piling up. Luckily, the snowplow came so my neighbors could drive their cars and most importantly get to work. Icicles were forming on the inside and outside of my house. I started to get scared when I looked around and saw that all of my stuffed animal fish looked cold too. I freaked out!

I was slumping over to the couch in my pajamas, going to get my phone. I had the day off work, because there was some celebration I wasn't invited to. I heard the roar of a truck outside. I looked out the window to see that a UPS truck was coming down our street. It was very unusual for a package to be delivered on a Sunday in the freezing cold, not to mention the snow storm. My mom use to say, “Winter covers our world in a blanket of white.” Jim came racing to the door to see what I was looking at. Then ran back when he saw nothing interesting. The UPS truck stopped and I saw the delivery man coming to my door. His name tag read Fred. I opened the door and he gave me the package. It said, to Joe. That was me! I kind of got worried. I had not ordered a package.

Usually I never worry about receiving a package, but today it was different. It was cloudy, cold, dark, and the day was just gloomy. Also, I got this weird package that was covered in fragile stickers and signs that said handle with care. When I set it down, I saw more stickers that were bright colored and in all caps. They read warning, this package contains fuel, and can blow up. The part that really freaked me out was that I began to hear a ticking noise coming from inside the box. I didn't think it was anything bad, so I opened it up. "Ahhhhhhhh!" I screamed as I saw an armed bomb ready to blow. It said there was only 4 minutes 32 seconds until it exploded.

This wasn't the first time I had dealt with a bomb. I watched cop shows almost 4 days a week and lots were about de-arming bombs. But that is not where my main experience is. I had taken a class about bombs where we learned what we were supposed to do if we ever encountered a bomb. It was a lot about clipping wires and how dangerous it is, so I couldn't use much on this tricky bomb.

I thought about my family, dog, and everything I loved. I didn't want to die. I couldn't stop thinking of them. They kept pushing me to save myself. "They had never given up on me in life so I'm not going to leave them now!" I whispered to myself. As I went back to the bomb, I heard a different tone coming from the box. I looked at the clock and instead of seeing a time I saw malfunction in bright red. It said 10,9,8,7,6. I needed to do something fast.

I picked up the package and ran with it to bring it outside. I tried opening my door, but it was jammed. I couldn't get outside and I was holding a bomb ready to explode. I tried again, but the door wouldn't budge. I was just twelve I thought to myself and knew it was not easy dealing with an armed bomb about to explode. I grabbed the bomb like I had a plan although all I really wanted to do was run for my life. I didn't want my dog to die or my house to get blown up. It was like a fight was happening in my brain, what should I do? My door was jammed and I had nowhere to go.

Then, all of the sudden an idea struck me in the head. I darted full blast down the stairs and into the basement. I looked at the clock on the bomb that said 4,3 about to hit 2 I chucked the bomb into the bomb shelter that was in my basement, and slammed the door hoping for the best. BOOM! The bomb exploded and no one was hurt.

“Jim, where are you?” I shouted trying to find him. “Jim?” I repeated. “Where are you Jim?” I yelled. I was worrying. The thought that Jim was in the bomb shelter frightened me. He was my only friend. I decided to man up and see if Jim was inside of the bomb shelter. I slowly crept up to the door that was cracked from when I had slammed it throwing the bomb in. I put my hands, that were shaking in fear on the the door handle. I opened the door and…

“Phew!” I said with relief as Jim was not inside! “Bark, bark.” “I heard Jim!” I dashed up the stairs and saw Jim looking at me from the kitchen. I looked at him for what seemed like an hour. He looked like he just went through a haunted house, probably from the boom of the bomb. Without thinking, I immediately picked Jim up and hugged him with a huge sigh of relief! He was my dog and I loved him. We all survived and no one was injured!

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