Good Life Nature Activity Marina Scherer

Nature on Display:

The butterfly exhibit at the Natural History Museum was the most appealing to me. I enjoyed walking through the garden and seeing all of the different kinds of butterflies. When I went, I was one of the only people there which really allowed me to immerse myself in the experience. I talked to one of the people who worked there about getting butterflies to land on me and they gave me information about butterflies that I wouldn't have known otherwise. Visiting this exhibit definitely made me appreciate nature more, reminding me of the beauty and complexity the natural world has to offer. Back at home, we have a similar place called Butterfly World, which is also a butterfly garden. Although smaller, I thought that the butterfly garden here was very well put together and informative. It gave me a sense of nostalgia since Butterfly World is a place I would frequently visit during my childhood.

Butterfly Garden!

Nature and Ethics:

The sea creature exhibit spoke to me about this topic in particular because it made me feel like I was a member of the "biotic community" as stated in the prompt. A recurring theme that I found in the Natural History Museum was emersion. The museum tries to make us feel as connected to the environment as possible, which can be seen in their use of emulating natural environments and the scale of what is being exhibited. This was apparent in this particular exhibit with jellyfish twice my size and lighting meant to emulate the deep sea. I felt a sense of mystery while walking around, wondering what it would be like to experience the sea in real life. It did exactly what it was supposed to do- make me want to go out and see these things for myself instead of at a museum. Something else that the exhibit made me realize is that nature needs to be protected. We're destroying the Earth slowly and experiencing nature through the Natural History Museum made me want to enjoy what we have now because it might not always be there.

The giant jellyfish that I referred to (on the right).

Nature and the Human Spirit:

The South Florida exhibit helped me better understand our history. I enjoyed learning about the Native Americans, and how they lived within nature. They appreciated the resources available to them and had a great respect for nature. There are obviously a lot of values we can learn from them in terms of appreciating the natural world. Something interesting that was going on during my visit to the museum was Museum Selfie Day! I thought that this was really cool because it gave the museum visitors motivation to check out each and every exhibit and really think about it as we took crazy selfies to fulfill the scavenger hunt requirements. The museum helped us to step out of our ordinary lives and experience something that we probably wouldn't normally, which I found to be a lot of fun. By the way, we won the selfie contest ;).


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