a week in my life... by alivia holgate

DAY 1:i just happened to be away from my family till ten pm except my dad but i was with my teacher Mr.walker an i consider (nice)teachers as family so i took a picture of Mr.walker
DAY2:ugh so much homework to do but the family gets together to help each other with the work no matter what it is...from second language to math....my mom goes to school too so she helps also
DAY 3:this is my mom she is a great cook in this picture she is making BL's(bacon and lettuce)for the house including three little girls in top of that
DAY 4:we do a lot of work around the house..and by work i mean chores like doing dished,sweeping/mopping/,and ect. but it keeps the house clean for the most part
DAY 5:my family is almost always never home but me....but when they are here we clean and then kick back a little...so here's the car they travel in
DAY 6:there's a lot to getting ready for school and the day...my brother likes to brush his hair because he just got a new hair cut and he doesn't like it messy..but then again who does?
DAY 7: in my family we are always busy no matter what...this Sunday we went to my grandmas' house,my aunt's house,my uncles house,and my grandpas' house
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alivia holgate

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