Double Victory Mexican Americans and Women in WWII


  • Both groups were seen less than all of the Americans
  • Racial violence and physical violence for both groups
  • Both women and men were able to join the military
  • Men and women agreed to traditional labor for women


  • Jobs were closed to women and the paycheck was smaller than men's
  • They advertised women to work during this time unlike men had to work all the time
  • Men worked labor but women worked both labor and house hold maintenance

The Women Community

  • Women were treated as sexual objects and stay at home and clean and care for kids, harassment, exploitment, couldn't travel alone to any places
  • Women fought back by not letting them control them and forming organizations to be able to work just like men an example is Oveta Culp Hobby helped pass the bill so women could join the US Army
  • 350,000 women were part of the Armed forces, 18 million were in the workforce, 3 million in war plants, nurses were a big deal during WWII
  • Women are now able to work and will soon (hopefully) be treated as equally or higher then men, they are able to depend on themselves instead of others.

Mexican American Community

  • Mexican Americans were seen less than an American and were often harassed for the way that they talked, dressed, social events. They had to walk long distances to sign up for contracts that helped them like the Bracero contracts
  • They fought back by not letting them take control of their culture which is how the zoo suit riots began
  • Mexican Americans were just doing their own thing and the American soldiers felt like picking on them for no reason more often than not which is how riots often started. They were forced to fight in WWII
  • My opinion is that it's not fair that they weren't harming anyone yet they had to do a lot of the dirty job by standing in the front lines

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