Visualizing Your Research Presentation by the innovation foundry

Where Do I Go For Help

Your presentation should capture their attention, not distract them...

Your Standard Digital Presentation Software

  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Apple Keynote
  • Google Slides
  • Adobe Spark Page
Connected to your audience, and sometimes the internet

Online Digital Presentation Software

  • Well...there are a lot of them. Click here for a sampling
  • Google Slides
  • Adobe Spark Page (Being Used for this Presentation)
Who are you taking along?

Who Is Your Audience?

  • Insiders - those familiar with your content
  • Outsiders - those who are not familiar with your content
A well designed presentation consistently speaks for itself

Things To Remember As You Create Your Presentation

  • Design - Remember, you are headed somewhere
  • Story - What connects the data to your audience?
  • Symphony - Use all the senses, and not just one's logic
  • Empathy - Why should anyone care about the information?
  • Play - Are you having fun? Is your audience having fun?
  • Meaning - Why does this matter? Is it making a difference?
Helping you through the maze

Some Helpful Hints

  • Your visual presentation should not include all of your data
  • Images are more powerful than words
  • Single words are more powerful than multiple words
  • Avoid (YES, even though I have used them throughout) bullet points - because at some point in time you knew they were coming and stopped reading them
  • Give people a handout with your information and data, or make it available online
  • Engage your audience
  • Inspire your audience
Don't forget, you do not have to reinvent the wheel here

There are some great resources on Lynda.com

Email us at if@acu.edu to find out more, or schedule a time when we can talk about your next presentation.

if@acu.edu or blogs.acu.edu/if

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