why zoos by: kaitlyn d

Imagine that you are at a zoo with kids smiling and giggling. They are having a great bonding experience with their families. So why get rid of them? I think we should keep zoos because people can learn about animals, you’re exposed to animals that you wouldn’t normally see, zoos raise money for animals. .

We should keep zoos because they teach kids and adults all about animals. There are even shows at the zoo where you go and sit or stand in this room with a guide. He or she talks all about the animal. Most of the time they bring in animals you have never seen before.

You can see the animals at the zoo better than traveling across the world. Sure, they should be in the wild, but it is better for you to see them in the zoo. They do get fed and they get water. They also have toys to play with.

Zoos raise money for animals. Some zoos even do special events to raise more money. They let you take pictures with the animals or even let the monkeys climb on your back or head. They let you ride some of the animals like elephants or camels.

Therefore that is why I think we should keep zoos. Kids are learning about animals. You get a chance to bond with your family.

They raise money four charity and animals.

And that's why I want to keep zoos.


Created with images by Olivier GRYSON - "Cute monkeys"

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