Into The Woods By Alyssa Lively

The Aledo production of "Into The Woods" showcases the Grimm Brothers version of fairy tales with the dark twist showing audiences how happy endings really happen.

Jack Johnson sings "Hello, Little Girl."
London Kasper plays Cinderella.
Alyson Kessinger plays the witch and sings" The Last Midnight."
One of the dancers, Ally Meche, performs during "Agony."
London Kasper sings "On the Steps at the Palace."
Brendon Rivers sings "Agony."
Cinderella, performed by London Kasper, reacts after being informed about the giant invading the land.
Ally Meche dances during "Cinderella at the Grave."
Alyson Kessinger, as the witch, after being transformed back into her original form.
Maddison Leer dances during "Cinderella at the Grave."
Caether Crusinger sings "No More."
Kaitlyn Anderson, who plays the Baker's Wife, sings "Moments in the Woods."
Kaylin Willoughby and Brendon Rivers, who play Rapunzel and the Prince, after being reunited.
Created By
Alyssa Lively