TED Response Anthony Tran

Thursday #3

If a person had super strength then they would have a lot of muscle mass. With that much mass then how can they fit through a door way? They wouldn't me able to fit through and would just sit there.

Thursday #2

On the today's talk, my peers have seen ways that immortality can affect a human being. If a human had the capability to live forever then wouldn't the authorities find that he didn't die. Then, they'd find that he was alive, not dead. They'd even try to examine whats inside him or her, thats making them immortal.

Thursday #1

In todays TED we learned the physics behind flying and how it would not be possible in a logical perspective. I think that if you can fly then there will still me some type of gravity that pulls on you. Then if you fly up then the gravity will build up and pull you down harder then when on the ground. It would me much harder to fly up then for you to fly down.

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