Dogs, are so much, they are loving caring and meaningful to many dogs lovers. To many families they are apart of the family and get the most love and attention, but. They can be very mean if you have the right breed so here some ways you can get your roughty or vicious dogs calm.

mean dogs

Here how to train them so they learn before it happens

Step one as a puppy you should play with the puppy but as soon as it gets vicious you let your finger play dead and yelp in a screech. The dogs will immediately stop, so then you will ignore the dogs for roughly thirty seconds. Once this has gone on three times in fifteen minutes you give the doggy a timeout, That's just some basic training of how to stop puppies from biting when they are older. some other way to prevent dogs from harming other is by, getting a fenced in yard, beware of dog sign on the fence and front of house. There are some other ways by an electric collar puppy place house, and a timeout place, These things will help when are dogs are getting out of control even with the training as a puppy.

top three meanest dogs by breeds

  • the rotweiler is a roman descent which means they invalved in Europe
  • Close to Extinction
  • They Are Known for Their Affection and Loyalty
  • They Think They're Lap Dogs
  • they can get jobs as a police dog
  • Deutscher Boxer
German Shepard
  1. German Shepherds are the 3rd most intelligent.
  2. second most popular dog breed
  3. second most popular dog breed
  4. they obey the first command 95% of the time
  5. in mid 1800s they were used to protect sheep
  • because of the short muzzles they tend to snore.
  • Boxers originally from Germany
  • average life spawn is 10 years
  • range from 50 to 70lbs and 53 to 63 cm
  • most people characterize boxers as playful, energetic, goofy and devoted.


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