Snow Fox Taryn Brooks

A snow fox has fur because they are cooled blooded. They need fur but if they did not they will not survive so the fur keeps them warm in the cooled.

snow foxes do not sleep for a long time they don't sleep at all. They have dens to sleep in at night so they rest at night. However they are flexible in there sleep.

An snow fox eats any type of rodents that they can fined they eat birds,eggs,fish,carrion, and bunny's.

a mommy snow fox has about 2 or 3 litters of pups. In each litter there are 5 or 9 pups in each litter.

In the winter snow foxes can change colors in the winter they change white in the summer you see them because they don't blend in with snow because there is non but it's still vary chilly out. brrrrrrrrrrrrr =)


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