Jr. High Girls Basketball Team At Work By: Madison Cunningham

The Junior High Girls basketball team played the Salem Lady Lions at home on December 3, 2018. The seventh graders put up a good fight, but ending up falling to the Lions. The eighth graders started off well and ended the same way, and won the game.

¨Every player has a job on the floor and doing those jobs together makes us a team.¨ --Coach Ochs
Eighth grader Jackie Crews waits to inbound the ball as she is playing the point guard position. She has to bring the ball up the floor and take charge of the team to lead them to a victory.
Seventh grader Julie Radcliff steps up to the line to shoot a free throw after being fouled going up for a shot. Radcliff made the shot to help out the team.
Seventh grader Madison Warren went for a loose ball, and was helped up by Radcliff.
The seventh grade team plays full-court defense, and Warren tries to deflect the ball from the in-bounder.

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