Destini Bates Portfolio PHOTOGRAPHY 1

Rule of Thirds

I know I use the rule of third is in this photo because the locks in the picture is one third of the way over. It is also one third of the way up. this is how I know I use the rule of thirds. I edited this in poler when I did is made the photo look pinkish.

Leading Lines

How I know I use leading line is you can follow the lines to the point of the picture. If you do it right you can see the line going to the point when you first see it. In the photo of the stairs you can follow the steps to the point of the picture. You can also see the line in the trees to the point as well. That is how I know use leading line.



I know that I use macro because it is close up photos of a flower without using zooming. What I do is put your camera on macro. Then I get close to the thing that you are looking at are taking a photo of let to camera focus. Then take a photo of the object. This how I know that I use macro.



I know I used monochrome because is it the same color in different shade. I take a picture then make it black and white, also increase the contrast. Make the different shade more visible in the photo.


In the portrait picture I edited, I edit the light in all of the picture made it brighter. I also used the color curve tool in gimp to make the sheet darker in the background. I clone the imperfection out to make it perficial. This is some of of the thing I did when editing this portrait.

Still Life

In my still life I use a lot of thing in the picture. I use the clone tool a lot for the background to get thing that I don’t want in the photo. I use color curve to make the lighting better. I got all the line out so the pompoms are flowing. This some of the thing I use to make the picture better.

Some Cool Photos

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