I never wanted to be a RockStar So i didn't become one

A lot of people that know me think that I always wanted to be a Rockstar. And oh yeah, I could have been one, I sat at the desks of some pretty high up music industry executives. But in all reality I never did want to go through with signing that dreaded contract, for something that wasn't my first dream. My main dream, has always been art... and "art as a whole" in general.

Here are a few examples of many expressions of art that I enjoy...

Art comes in many shapes and sizes it comes in many forms and disguises

There are different forms of art like painting, sculpture, literature, architecture, music, dance, theater, photography and films.

I always liked all forms ... especially when they are mixed together as one to make an artistic statement flow as one artistic design

The mixture of image and music has always been one of my favorites

Just the image of music can create music

I love the way a musician paints sound on a canvas of silence. I also love the way a lighting director can paint a picture on a stage, painting beams of light drawing a mood or attention to the actor or musician who is painting a performance.... like an artist sketching a landscape

The creation of a star makes a star

I myself, would rather be the sound guy, the light guy, the video guy or anyone involved in painting an image out of dead silence, air and space in the audio or visual spectrum. I never wanted to be the star on that canvas I always wanted to be the artist that draws or paints the star onto the canvas.

I would rather write a song

With the vision of what it would look like performing it

And finish it by crafting and designing the finished result and painting it on a stage...

I would love to sit with the audience

Sketching the music

Enjoying the art... and paint a Star...

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