The Travel Ban & Freedom Rides Similarity Project By: Ashley Rivera Hr 2

The Travel Ban & Freedom Rides

President Donald J Trump signed Executive Order 13769 on January 27 2017. To keep refugees from entering the country for 120 days and immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim nations out for three months.

The Freedom Rides was a major event that happened during May 4-December 10 1991. A group of 13 African Americans and White Civil Right Activists launched The Freedom rides, a series of bus trips through the American south to protest segregation in interstate bus terminals.

What Lead to this event?

This major event happened because President Donald J Trump wanted to keep foreign terrorists out of America. He wants to protect America from terrorists by extreme "vetting". The ban snared green card holders and people with visas alike. Also many events from the past caused America to be afraid of terrorist coming in. Since 2001, hundreds of persons born abroad have been convicted of terrorism-related crimes in the United States. Examples like, January 2013, two Iraq nationals admitted to the United States as refugees in 2009 were sentenced to 40 yrs and life in prison, respectively, for multiple terrorism-related offenses. Also in October 2014, a native of Somalia who had been brought to the United States as a child refugee and later became a naturalized United States citizen was sentenced to 30 years in prison for attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction as a part of a plot to detonate a bomb at a crowded Christmas-tree-lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon.

African Americans didn't have the same rights as white Americans did. Just because their color of skin, everything was mostly labeled as "whites only" or "Colored" signs. Also they get treated horribly, even at restaurants,schools,bathrooms, and busses. African Americans looked up to Rosa Parks, she was a African American woman who decided one day to sit in the front where usually the white people sat, she was later arrested for just sitting in a seat labeled "white only".

This Image shows President Donald J Trump signing Executive Order 13769

Who was involved?

The important people involved in this major event were of course President Donald J Trump who made the Executive Order happen in the first place. Family's were involved but in the worst way, by being separated because of racism, discrimination, being called terrorists by society. Also UK Prime Minister Theresa May said "We do not agree with this kind of approach." There was a lot of foreign leaders slamming the ban. German Chancellor Angela Merkel called Trump herself and reminded the President of the United States' obligations to refugees under the Geneva Conventions. Also London Mayor Sadiq Khan called the ban "shameful and cruel." Even more people joined this protest, Canadanian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted that refugees were welcome in Canada. John McCain and Lindsey Graham said that the ban would only help ISIS and other millitant groups recruit more terrorists.

This Image shows "peaceful protests" in the streets against the travel ban.

What obstacles did they have to overcome?

These groups of people or so called "aliens" or "terrorists" they were like "roadkill of Trump's posturing." Also students in colleges have a huge number of foreign students. They had to fear between careers or their own family. Mahmoud Hassan, an 18 yr old Syrian in Damascus, accepted an offer to attend MIT earlier this year, but because of the ban, he said his "dreams are basically ruined." Also Apple CEO Tim Cook denounced the executive order and promised to help employees affected by it, adding that without immigration "Apple would not exist."

This Image shows Syrian Children.

Freedom Rides

This major event impacts today with the Executive Order 13769, it mostly affects people with color "aliens". Racism is still a thing to this day because of white supremacy, republicans, anyone who is racist in general. Donald J Trump is a Republican President which made everyone come out to who they truly were and made things just crash for America. African Americans didn't have the rights as American people did back then and even today since Racism is a thing American people could see a colored person and just stare in disgust. Its a very big impact toward today and maybe even the future if they didn't change anything about it. People can't change their color of their skin anyhow and just had peaceful protests and going on this freedom bus to go anywhere but it backlashed a lot. Now with the travel ban certain colored people couldn't even come to America.

This Image shows 'The Freedom Bus" where African Americans choose where they could sit and to protest.

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