The Importance of Being Earnest By Lauren Gulden

Every year, Worthington Kilbourne puts on five performances. Unlike previous years, 2019 is the first year WKHS Theatre will put on six shows instead of five. To begin this year, the first show will be The Importance of Being Earnest. It is a comedy taking place in the late 1800s. It consists of two posh and proper young ladies preparing to marry, each to a man named Ernest. On the other side of the story, two young men bicker and eat tea party snacks. To make sure our show comes together by opening night, there are many components that need to take place. To learn about each set of events that need to happen chronologically, multiple roles need to be taken into consideration.

Andrew Chidester, a senior at WKHS, explains his role of importance on the tech side of things: “My greatest struggle is getting the light setup finished properly and on time. For me, rehearsal is long and uneventful since I only have a few light actions in the script.” For Chidester, his stuggle is not acting, but making sure the actors are seen in the best possible light. He has to position tech devices and make sure they are 100% accurate to prevent any errors on the stage.

Although the tech point of view is important to notice, an actor’s point of view is also just as important. Jacob Fisher, is a junior who plays, "Dr. Chasuble, an intelligent fool that mainly provides comic relief” alongside the other characters. Fisher speaks on his favorite part of the show: “Everyone is absolutely crazy and it’s amazing. Most of the time is working to say lines exactly perfect to maintain the sense of the period of the show.” With this, it is certainly prominent to specify that each character in this show has winding monologues and long phrases used in each scene. Even though each sentence is jam-packed with uncommon words of this day and age, a sense of comedy is still reached.

Speaking of Old English, Adam Isenhart, a WKHS senior also brings up that learning lines was a huge struggle for him, personally, in this show. He also explains how most rehearsals would look to an outsider:

“My favorite part of this show is the comedy (and the food!) It requires a lot of commitment in and out of rehearsal. We usually get ready during 8th period and try to start as soon as possible after school, then we run as much of the show as we can, sometimes we may jump around and start at certain scenes or we'll go back and fix things. As for my character, I play one of the male leads, Algernon, who is very charismatic and clever. He has many opinions on society and doesn't like to take things too seriously (he also loves to eat).”

Isenhart makes a constant effort to mention food, and he is completely right for repeating the fact! Cucumber sandwiches, bread and butter, and slices of cake are often eaten onstage in this comedic show. The food has to be prepared and dishes have to be washed and re-washed for every single rehearsal in order to keep our cast healthy.

To see all of these things come together, come see The Importance of Being Earnest in the WKHS Blackbox Theatre on Thursday, September 26th, Friday, September 27th, and Saturday, September 28th at 7:30pm!

Created By
Lauren Gulden


Danielle Gulden