Celina Jendo E-Portfolio

I am a Senior at Troy Athens High School. I am enrolled in Co-op allowing me to go to work for school credit. Co-op allows me to work more hours in my busy after school schedule. I work about 30 hours a week spread out from Monday through Friday, which helps me manage my time for school. I am a teacher assistant at Harmony Christian Care. Taking the teaching career course at Athens helped me get the job. I work really hard to make sure the children have a fun, safe, and learning environment. I learned how to discipline the children with love and care. Not only do I teach at a daycare, but I also volunteer to teach catechism at St. Joseph Chaldean Catholic Church. I help out at St. Joseph every Saturday for about four hours. I love volunteering at my church because it makes me happy knowing that I am involved. I am helping my church and gaining teaching experience all at the same time. On Tuesdays and Thursdays to stay involved in my church I attend youth groups to learn more about my faith to spread the word of God. I love the community my church has made. Going to my church four times a week with school, work, homework and other events going on throughout my week shows my dedication to my church.

•Enrolled in co-op

•Volunteer at St. Joseph

•Time management skills



Enrolling in the Teaching Careers Class and volunteering at St. Joseph Chaldean Catholic Church taught me a lot about being a good role model. It is very important to watch what you do and say in front of your students. If you show respect to the students you will get the respect back. Always let a student know when they are doing the right and wrong things, that way they do not feel that you are only criticizing them on what they are doing wrong. Make sure that the children have a fun, safe, and learning environment. Discipline is very important in the classroom. staying consistent is a must, otherwise the students will try to break the rules day by day causing the students to act out more and more each day. Engaging with the students help them learn better. Taking the Teaching Careers Class taught me many tips in being a good teacher. Practicing, observing and working with the preschoolers helped me learn so much on how to teach students the right way. Volunteering at St. Joseph Chaldean Catholic Church gave me the teaching experience I needed to work at Harmony Christian Care.

•Enrolled in teaching careers

•Volunteer catechism teacher


In my free time I enjoy tumbling, stunting and attending youth groups at my church. Tumbling and stunting helps keep me occupied, active and fit. Tumbling requires a lot of self motivation and mental courage. It is very important to be confident and courageous when it comes to tumbling. The number one rule when it comes to tumbling is to never stop in the middle of a backflip because it can cause very serious problems in the neck or head. I know as long as I continue on through the flipping process the worst that could happen is to land on my knees, which is caused by not getting enough height before starting the rotation of the flip. Stunting requires a lot of trust and teamwork. Without the whole stunt group you are not able to get the full support and strength you need to do it the right and safe way. Attending youth groups is a fun activity I enjoy going to after work. The youth groups at my church makes it fun to learn about our Faith with all our friends, which helps spread the word of God.Going to my church youth group I learn about my Faith, discuss about the topic in an all girls small group being separated from the boys, then coming together as one to praise and adore the Lord in front of the Eucharist. Tumbling, stunting and attending youth groups are my hobbies.



•Attending youth groups


As a student from Troy Athens High School I have a little bit over a 3.2 grade point average. I have taken many variety of main courses and electives to gain better work ethic skills to help me in my future. I also did competitive cheer at Troy Athens for my Freshmen and Sophomore year until I had a serious injury. When I went back into cheerleading all I did was damage my elbow even more so I decided to stop. With all that free time I worked, volunteered at my church and got more involved. Cheerleading took up a lot of my time after school and during the weekends. We had practices Monday through Friday. Team dinners Friday and competitions Saturday. I plan on attending Oakland Community College for my first two years of college, then plan on going into Occupational Therapy. My elbow injury from cheerleading lead me this way. I did Occupational Therapy for my elbow for about eight months. In those eight months I began to be curious and started to ask a lot of questions. I thought then that I would consider being an finishing off at Wayne State University that way I can stay home for college and save money. I want to become an Occupational Therapist in my future, I then witnessed a man who was supposed to be paralyzed walking, walking! I was so amazed and proud of him. I seen this man work hard every week, the progress was real. I always believed in miracles. When I overheard them telling him he is going to be paralyzed I could not believe it. I had faith in him, I knew he would be able to walk once again. Being able to help people recover from past injuries and give them the motivation they need is what I want to do for living.

•A little bit over a 3.2 grade point average

•Enrolled in a variety of main courses and electives to gain better work ethic skills

•Competitive cheer 7th-10th grade

•My elbow injury in cheerleading lead to occupation

•Being in Occupational Therapy made me curious and want to make a difference in other people's life

• Plan on starting college at Oakland Community College then transferring to Wayne State to become an occupational Therapist

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