For My Birthday Boy

It's that mouth - gives and needs lots of kisses! (Highlands)
Every day, no matter where, begins with a Starbucks and the NY Times! (Carmel)
With dear Ruth - always the caregiver!
The Adventurer- zip lining with the gang!
The memorable trips begin - with Anne and Jim (Charleston)
New Year's in Charleston with the Lebowitzes

Springtime in the capital with Lauren and Greta

Notre Dame, Lake Michigan, Chicago

Scandinavian cruise -Copenhagen harbor and the Military tattoo in Edinburgh

Southern California: Fun times with the Kiddies - and our beloved Laguna!

And to come......Pack your bags! September 25-October 3. Seven nights in Canalivicchio, Perugia, Italy (airfare and rental car included). Woohoo!

Happy Birthday, Darling Boy, Light and Love. Thank you for coming into my life, my Prince, and for treating me like a princess every single day!

I love you truly, madly, deeply!


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