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This is my first piece of abstract photography. I love it because it can be whatever you want it to be and has so many colors and shapes.
This is my second piece of abstract photography. I edited it to be black and white except for the bottom of the paint brushes, which are gold. I also added some dots to show texture on the brushes.
This is my third piece of abstract photography. This is actually cheese, but many people see it as different things. I edited it to be a different color so people could interpret this picture how they like.
This is my first documentary picture. I like it because you can see how my friend is curious with the things he does as he smiles and looks into the camera. He enjoys his subjects and you can see that in this picture.
This is my second documentary picture. I like the emotions on their faces as it shows their personalities.
This is my third documentary picture. This is my gym teacher teaching students how to play a game. I like it because you can see he loves what he does and is passionate about it.
This is my first texture picture. I love it because just looking at this picture you can feel the pieces of chalk.
This is my second texture picture. This is actually part of an instrument that has band-like half circles on the outside for sound.
This is my third texture picture. I like it because it is a sander that holds lots of rich textures you can feel by just looking at it.
This is my first advertisement picture. I honestly love this picture because of the way the shadow and gold of the watch sells it to you. There is no description needed when looking at this sales photo.
This is my second advertisement picture. I like it because I really like this cereal. The way the cereal looks with the milk makes it look very appealing.
This is my third advertisement picture. I love this one because I took it to really show the perfume's features. If I was a girl and I looked at this picture, I would want to buy it.
This is my first portrait picture. This is one of my best friends, Mitar, and in this picture he looks sad (that's why I edited the blue tint into it). This photo also shows his shirt which can tell the viewer his interests and perhaps dreams in life.
This is my second portrait picture. This is also one of my best friends, Max. This photo really expresses his personality, silly and cocky (super in love with his so called "figure").
This my third portrait picture. This is my teacher gym teacher Mr. Rehr (as you could tell with the whistle in his mouth). This is his last year at my school so I edited the picture to be black and white.
This is my first reflection picture. I really like it because you can see the wood chips on the ground and the grass above the mirror; then you get to the leaf and it all pulls itself together to a really great photo.
This is my second reflection photo. I like how the berries are isolated and the grass surrounds the mirror.
This is my third reflection picture. I like this simply because I edited it to have only color in the mirror and rays of color beside it.
This is my first perspective photo. I like this because it looks like my friend is going to be stepped on, although she is many feet behind the person's feet.
This is my second perspective picture. I like this because the camera angle makes it seems as though this person is standing on my hand.
This is my third perspective picture. I like it because it looks like my friend, Tim, is standing on the ground normally, when really he is standing on the wall.
This is my magazine cover. I used my friend Ibraheem because he is an extremely hard worker and I knew I would get him juggling the ball perfectly. I used many smaller titles like the "Migos" rapper group to show many things teens and I are interested in.
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