Extreme Weather ashley ortega

There is different types of storms that is extreme. These are the types that I am going to show you.
Hurricanes start from a tropical storm and it builds bigger till it became a hurricane. The eye wall is the most powerful in the whole hurricane. There is hurricanes that are very powerful that they can even produce a tornado.
In the tornado there is a "eye" like usually it is inn the middle they say that is quiet and clam.There is different types of tornadoes there water type,very weak one, there is a tornado call dust devil it sounds the worse but it actually on one the weakest one.
Thunderstorms the loud sound the lighting all mix together into one storm. Lighting is created by raindrops rub against in the cloud and create eletricity and BOOM lighting. There even powerful that they can even start fires.The one that last a longer time is call multi-cell more danger a for a long time.
If there is these type of storms then how can we be safe?


Created with images by Alois_Wonaschuetz - "clouds summer storm" • Randy Heinitz - "The Approaching Desert Storm" • tpsdave - "hurricane earth satellite" • NOAA Photo Library - "nssl0054" • Unsplash - "lightning bolt lightning power" • Pearly85 - "Storm clouds"

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