War of the Roses house of york and house of lancaster

The Houses of the war of the roses was the House of york represented by a white rose and The House of Lancaster which was represented by a red rose

Henry the 4 th vs Edward the 6th

Henry the 4th is a weak ruler who suffers from fits of madness and eventually Edward the 6th thinks he should be the king so he raises an army and defeats Henry the 4th in a battle.

The princes and the tower of london

Richard the 3rd took the sons of Edward the 4th and locks them in the tower of london, The princes are killed and it's unknown if Richard did kill the princes or if they were assassinated.

The Battle of Bosworth field and The House of Tudor

A member of the house of Lancaster called Henry Tudor challenges Richard the 3rd for the crown, Tudor raises an army defeats Richard's army and kills Richard.

Henry Tudor becomes king and unites the two houses ending the war of roses and the new house of Tudor is victor.


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