Powering Down on all Electronic Devices. By: Maya wofsy

Millions of individuals of varying ages look at screens for at least 2 hours a day. This can have a negative impact throughout life and cause multiple challenges.

Most people check their phone 46 times per day. This changes depending on the user's age group. Ages 18 to 24 look at screens most often, this averages out to 74 checks per day; ages 25-34 look at screens 50 times per day; and ages 35 to 44 check their screens 35 times each day.

Every night before most teens go to bed, they watch TV or check their phone to make sure that they have not missed anything. The blue light given off by screens restrains the production of melatonin, a hormone that controls sleep cycles. The light tricks your brain into thinking it needs to stay awake even when you are truly tired.

Surfing the web before you go to sleep makes it harder to relax and fall asleep. By reading a book or studyign before going to bed it will make it easier to fall asleep.

The blue light given off by electronics can be causing harm throughout the world.

According to sleep.org about 72 percent of ages 6 to 17 sleep with at least one electronic device near them. By sleeping near a phone it can increase the chances of developing cancer. The radiation that smartphones emit is severely dangerous and not advisable for any reason.

Children who spend hours in front of computers have a greater risk of developing cumulative trauma disorders or repetitive stress injuries and computer vision syndrome.

Looking at screens too much can cause severe damage to your body, including eye strain involving irritated dry eyes.

Over-eating is also an effect, as most kids scroll through Instagram at least 5 times a day looking at pictures of food, which can be habit forming, making them want to eat these foods.

This picture is seen on instagram feeds throughout the United States, causing people to go to the famous resturant call Black Tap.

Discomfort in the neck can cause everyday things to be difficult because of the stress on the cervical spine

According to Jeff Taylor, M.D Medical Director of Your Sight Matters.com, at least 1 out of every 4 eye patients complain about eye strain due to reading text on a small screen. This can impact how children act in school and what their attention span is in multiple classes.

There can be many ways to power down electronic devices. Using electronics for too long can limit the amount of time spent with family and friends. Powering down electronics creates more quality time with family and friends and is a great way to relax and not worry about watching what other people are doing in the world.














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