Viva La Revolution! By Cole PattengalE

The main reason the colonists were mainly angry because during the French and Indian war they were promised territory in the Ohio River Valley. After fighting for the land, the British decided to forbid the colonists from expanding.

The Boston Massacre was one of the events that started to spark the revolution. The result of the so called "Massacre" was the death of five of the colonists. These colonists along with some others were there to protest the Townsend Act. British troops came to bring order to the protest but instead provoked violence.

Two years after the Boston Massacre the Gaspee affair happened. In Rhode Island a British customs ship called the HMS Gaspee was chasing a merchant ship and ran aground. After this happened a Sons of Liberty attacked the ship and set it aflame.

In 1773 a group of colonists dressed like Native Americans boarded three ships and threw the ships contents in to the water. They did this because the British passed The Tea Act which they saw as a sign of losing freedom.

On March 23rd 1775 things started to pick up a man named Patrick Henry gave his "Give me liberty or give me death" speech he did this to rouse support for revolution.

The first battle of the revolution was the Battle of Lexington. It was called "The shot heard round the world" since it started the revolution. General Thomas Gage of the British sent around 200 men to take it. in the end the British won over the cities with few casualties

The second battle to happen was at Fort Ticonderoga. This fort was in the control of the British and it stored a whole bunch of munitions. The colonists stormed the fort and took all of the cannons and other supplies.

The Battle of Bunker Hill was one of the most important battles in the revolution. After three large attacks the British took over the hill. Even though the British technically won the battle, they had lost too many soldiers to benefit from it.


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