6 reasons to swap out your excavator for a Fuchs Material Handler For waste applications...

From scrap yards and waste transfer facilities to ports and timber yards, no matter what your application, material handlers are working faster and more efficiently than ever before, with many benefits over the traditional excavator. When we talk about material handlers, we look no further than the industry leading Terex Fuchs range.

Below we will discuss 6 clear advantages a Terex Fuchs material handler has over an excavator when it comes to handling waste material.

1. Increased Safety

Safe as Fuchs! The safety features on the Terex Fuchs Handlers make them the safest on the market. Their unique service platform makes maintenance checks a whole lot easier and removes the need to climb on top of your machine, like you do on a traditional excavator. The rising cab also allows operators to bring it down closer to ground level, rather than having to climb down from a greater height on standard excavators. Fuchs handlers have multiple cameras around the machine meaning that an operator has 360-degree visibility around the machine to easily spot any environmental hazards.

2. Purpose Built Design

An excavator is designed specifically to dig and work directly in front of the machine. Whereas a Fuchs material handler is purposely built to pick up, lift, carry and swing, with a powerful 360-degree lifting capacity. The symmetrical design of the Fuchs handlers is unique and sets them apart in terms of lift capacity and stability.

3. Improved reach for better performance

The straight boom on a Fuchs Material Handler will give you that extra reach over a traditional excavator, meaning you can sit in one spot rather than having to constantly move towards the waste. This means that there is reduced plant movements on site, which results in a more efficient process, as well as a safer and quieter yard.

4. Faster & More Efficient

The wheeled design of the material handlers allow for agility and speed of movement around a yard, enabling Fuchs machines to move quickly between handling tasks, significantly improving onsite efficiencies. Fuel consumption on a Terex Fuchs material handler is also notably less than your typical excavator.

5. More Versatile

The Terex Fuchs range of material handlers provide maximum versatility for your business. Specifically designed to work in a wide range of applications including: waste recycling, wood waste, scrap, ports and timber. Whether you are loading or unloading wagons, sorting waste, feeding a shredder or extracting scrap metal, the Terex Fuchs material handlers can do it all.

Blue Group and Murray Plant can offer a wide range of attachments to suit every application, from five tine grabs & sorting grabs, to clamshell buckets & magnet plates. Murray Plant also offer the world-leading OilQuick coupler systems, which allow you to quickly change your attachment without leaving the cab!

6. Better Visibility

All Fuchs Material Handlers are fitted with cab risers which offer far greater levels of visibility than your traditional excavator. This is particularly useful when loading a shredder, container, wagon or barge, as it allows the operator full visibility for improved efficiency of loading and feeding. The raised cab also allows operators to spot any contamination/blockages when feeding a shredder or any other waste recycling system.

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