The divine the amazing trip of theater

When I first entered the theater, I found the great atmosphere of art and theater, with the dim light and painting in the lobby, I felt that this was some that I never experienced before. When I first entered the auditorium, I found that the space and the stage are surprisingly spacious. I sat in one back corner of the theater and I can see all the people in front of me. With the big stage and auditorium, I felt that I was entering a new world. Suddenly, the lights turned off and people stopped talking, I can't wait to see what will happen. When the actors appeared in the right side of me and the voice of talking and chasing appeared around me, I found that it pretty realistic. I began to blend into the part of theater and watch the performance as it was really happening around me.
I attended the performance with five of my friends. We sat together and enjoyed the show together. Before we attended this performance, we do some research together on the internet about this performance. We first read the general plot about this play, and then found some background information behind it. Sitting with my friend made my experience greater. We exchange our ideas and evaluated which one is the greatest performance, and what personality each role has. Most importantly, we shared our emotion when we watching the play. When we saw the bad condition and brutal behavior of the boss of the factory, we shared angry and indignation, when we saw that little boy die beneath the floor, we shared our sorrowful for the boy’s death. Sharing experience greatly enhance our experience in the theater.

This performance helps me understand what European looks like at the turn of 20th century. During that time, church was still dominating the thoughts of human, and workers in the factory was greatly exploited by their boss. As an international student, I was used to not knowing the society situation after the industrial revolution. I though industrial revolution improve people’s living condition. I never expected that industrial revolution caused social class divided, upper class exploited and depressed lower class. in the show, the boss of the shoe factory stepped on the worker’s hand and force the workers to say their working conditions is good. the fact that industrial revolution would cause so much pain on the society really shocked me. After I saw this performance, I realized that a good government is so important. They create the mini-wage law, allow lowing class family to lead a happy and dignity life and have basic human rights. I realize that society has changed so much since 20century and the world has became a better place to live.

The performance “The Divine”, gives me a lot of revelation of what it means to become a human and to be happy. In the performance, I saw the people who were treated like animals without human rights, I saw people, like Talbot, who was born from lower class and struggled for having a better life. I also saw the goodness of human beings, like from Sarah Bernhardt and Michaud, the courage for fighting justice, the spirit of disobey the authority and speak for poor people. During the play, I often asked myself, what would I do if I were in the situation of Talbot, of Sarah, and of Michaud. In the process of questioning myself, I understanded the value of good quality, the spirit of being a good human. I feel like I should make myself to be a more upstanding person, I should be able to stand out when something injustice happen.

It is a wonderful trip to the constans theater in UF. By watching this wonderful trip, I understand the class division and social conflicts in the turn of 20 century and the social and workers' bad living and working conditions in that time. What's more, after the performance, I stay for the talk back with the actors and know how they prepare the acting. I know that they should memory every single lines of their lines and practice over and over again. To performance well, they usually search the whole life story of their role. I think that their efforts is very admirable. Though this trip, my interesting towards theater is developed. I wish I can go to some other theater performance.

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