Rebranding Examples from the music industry

This example is similar to Nelly Furtado, they are both pop artists that use their physic appearance as a way to attract customers. This two albums represent the change on her brand. The left picture reveals a country girl that introduces perfectly what we could expect from the content of the album, the right picture shows a pop artist with glowing disco fonts that suggest a more club and mainstream style of music.

In this album banner, Nelly Furtado is shown to the public as the attractive latin girl. The earrings she is wearing and her hair represent the typical stereotype of a young latin girl that migrated to USA.

By now, just after searching her name on google, the brand message is completely different. She is now shown as a mature woman, exploiting her physical attributes as well but trying to be perceived as an American person.

As everybody knows, Britney Spears was a pop star that hit the charts and had thousands of copies sold. Her identity was a representation of a high school regular girl, words like innocent, pretty and child could define her brand.

After growing up, and facing the challenges every successful teenager experiences when they are famous and rich, her career was compromised because her identity was no longer how she was perceived. She needed to change her image into an adult woman, and the way to relate with her audience was by having new professional pictures, different song lyrics and completely different live shows.

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