Should Parents Help With Homework? By: mia fuss

I think parents should help with homework. I believe this because if the child doesn't understand the material they're learning in class, the parents should help and explain the problem in a way their child will understand so the child doesn't get behind on homework. When a child asks for help they have to communicate with the person they are asking for help from, studies have shown that some kids learn better from communicating and being involved then just sitting in a classroom and watching the teacher talk and not getting involved. Also, if the parent helps to where the child understands, they can practice more problems similar to the ones on their homework to make sure they understand. So, instead of ignoring the question and not getting any practice out of it, they will get help and practice more questions so they do understand and get practice. Studies show that when parents help with homework, it helps the child understand the concepts that they learned in class better which result in a better grade on the tests. Which is why I think that it is okay for parents to help children with homework as long as the child understands the concept after the parent has given help.

Parents can also make homework fun!

Others believe that parental help can add stress to the child. But what is there to worry about if the child understands the material after getting help? After all, studies have shown that parental help helps kids get better grades on tests, so they'll be able to get to their parents expectations. Another negative some people believe is the parents will distract the kids from getting work done! This is a silly theory because the parents are trying to get their child to be done with homework, and help with any questions the child may have. So why would they distract them? And even if they did distract them, they'd help the child get back on task and finish their work.

Kids get better grades with parental help!

This is why I think parents should be allowed to help their children with their homework. Remember, as long as the child understands the material, and knows how to do similar problems by his/her self, then they should be perfectly fine and get a high scoring grade on any upcoming tests in whatever subject or subjects they needed help with!


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