Westward Expanson

Q. What was the purpose of traveling west?

A. People went to west because they heard about better land ,and fun adventures . They also heard that there was lots of free land , good water ,and lots of food .

Q. How did people know where to go?

A. They knew were to go by asking directions to the next fort or the wagon train would hire a trail guide. There are some instances [ like the Domer party ] where the steelers would get lost in the wood or the mountains.


1.You would get to explore a lot and see new thing you would not see before .

2.After dinner most of the time there would be a sing a long .

3.There is a 50/50 shot you will not have school.


1. You had lots of chores.

2. The sleep would not be ideal and it would be uncomfortable.

3. The wether was almost always ether to wet or to dry so it would be really muddy or dusty.

Q. How was daily life different on the trail?

A. Well now we have ac back then they did not have ac or cars so it was really hot and they most of the time had to walk behind the wagon.

Q: What was the interaction between settlers and natives?

A:The interaction was usually good and they traded but there were some bad ones where the natives would attack but those were very rare

One interesting fact is that you can make basically a shoe for your oxen so there feet will not get as sore and to take away there sore feet.

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