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My survey is about trends. I am trying to figure out what trend is most popular. I surveyed Monroe junior High students in the 7th grade most of them were girls a couple were boys, I wanted to see what is the most popular trend right now.

7-8th grade were in the same category so some might be 8th grade also.

The first question i asked was "which trend is most popular in your opinion" most people said fidget spinners, fidget spinners are little toys that you spin with your finger they are supposed to be used to help kids in class who don't concentrate easily.

most people said fidget spinners

My next question was "how known was the water bottle flip challenge" i made scale 0-6, 0 being the lowest, and 6 being the highest

most people picked 6

My next question was "how known was the mannequin challenge" I put this question in a scale going from 0-6, 0 being the lowest, and 6 being the highest most people said 3.

most people said 3

My next question was "do you think fidget spinners are the next big thing" i put it in a multiple choice question with choices of yes no maybe.

most people said yes

My next question was "What do you think the next big trend is" display technology, virtual reality, fidget spinners, or automation as the options.

most people said touch display technology

My next and final question was "Whats the next big social media app", Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, or Tender were my options

most people said snapchat

I did this project to see what was the new trend or what was the most popular trend and i have enough data to say that fidget spinners are the big thing right now but 1 trend that could maybe over pass fidget spinners is touch display technology maybe sometime in the future but not right now for now its fidget spinners.


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