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The following documentation outlines how to incorporate key players into the social media narrative in a way that it not only adds a more dynamic social presence, it enhances the authenticity of the brand communications.


Instead of instilling policies to try to prevent team members from using social media at work, more and more companies are incorporating their employees’ social media and we believe OLEO has a very unique advantage having motivated employees who are ready to contribute. Benefits include:

  • Increase authoritative voice in social channels
  • Become more of a relatable, human voice in social
  • Gain access to content creators that are at your finger tips


There are so many factors that impact our reach and visibility in social media when we post, so rather than just giving our contributors full reign on posting, we want to make sure we include them mindfully so as to contribute to our social mission, pillars, cadence etc. We also want to make sure that all folks who could potentially contribute to the social narrative understand our strategy so we have looked at the possible contribute of OLEO employees and ambassadors have two ways to encourage them to contribute in social media.

Post Via Their Own Social Channels - We absolutely support this! Employee managed channels can serve as a tributary to the OLEO branded channels but its important that these folks develop a persona that differentiates their profile and messaging, perhaps they identify as an “expert” of sorts as it relates to their role at OLEO and position their content, messaging and audience focus on that specialized audience who would look to someone such as them as an authority. Considerations:


  • Claim the brand: They should call out who they are and who they work for in their profile by adding the main brand handle in their profile.
  • Contribute Unique content Ideas: we’d see an opportunity for OLEO employees to really anchor their narrative in a “behind the curtain” look at the business versus just being promotional, include things like CBD education, shop visits from their perspective vs just posting a shop picture and a promotional message. Could do partner sneak peaks when you have meetings, promote team culture, thought leadership and industry happenings like your presence at Cannacon and trade shows.
  • Develop a personality and voice: Empower employees to be themselves. As your employees promote your company, values, and culture on their own social media accounts, make sure they are empowered to maintain their individual, unique voices. Genuine posts are more important than marketing language. Just encourage them to be honest and portray the company in a positive light as they add their own spin to a post or topic.
  • Repost big news and content: Its encouraged for them to share what you are doing, but to do so in their own way, through their voice and perspective. If possible, they should share their own imagery and @tag the main brand page and use branded hashtags.


  • Do not duplicate or copy the main brand page profile image and description.
  • Do no post same imagery as what is on main OLEO channel, try to use your own imagery if possible. Imagery should reflect your unique perspective and role at the company.
  • Do not use the same copy as the main OLEO channel, try to use your own verbiage if possible. it should reflect your unique perspective and role at the company.
  • Do not make big announcements before the main brand page. Its cool to do "sneak peak's or teasers, but the main page should do official announcements first.

Submit Content to OLEO to be incorporated to brand channels - OLEO team members or ambassadors can submit content that fits within our Content Pillars so that it can get cued up on the content calendar where it is needed the most. We have anchored our content to specific pillars knowing that they will address brand needs, and ensure a cohesive brand message and make sure that we are not forgetting anything in the customer journey. Contributor Content Pillar focus for contributors:"

  • "Who is Oleo" - Any opportunity for these folks to share imagery or ideas that could help with "education" and standout product differentiators would be fantastic. Imagery to include: process photos, packaging, raw materials, tools, testing and research based visuals.
  • "Products" - Imagery of product in use, in real use case environments, at retail, etc could be utilized well in addition to produced assets.
  • "Partners & Ambassadors" - In lieu of just using pictures of partner logos, we'd love to have images of the individuals (reps, owners) in the imagery, meeting with you guys, or their products with OLEO products, and/or in a real environment.


Have a real conversation with your team members to explore the best way to leverage them! Every individual will offer a unique perspective and voice, but ultimately based on the type of content your employee can contribute, their available resources and time you can truly determine the value that they can bring to the program.


Internal Employee #hashtag - When posting on their own channels, employees can use the hashtag #OLEOcrew (open to ideas on hashtag) and the WAU crew will be checking to see if there are submissions and incorporate into our narrative as it fits!

Submit Post Idea/Request - For things that are more time sensitive or for folks who do not use social media, they can email WAU directly. When submitting content, each employee advocate should consider and include the following:

  1. Identify what content pillar your post aligns with
  2. Include a requested publish date if relevant
  3. Tell us what @tags and #hashtags should be used
  4. Email your post request to riley@weareunicorns.co
  5. Make sure to include any imagery or graphics that you may have
  6. If no images or graphics are available please submit a request of what you would like to see accompany the message
  7. Your request/submission will get added to the content calendar as it fits within the cadence and pillar protocol.

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