If You Take the Roads What will you see?

This sunlit scene is near the western end of Lake Rd.

One of the sustaining beauties of Lake View Cemetery is that very few of its roads are straight shots for very long. In fact, the trifecta of bordering Forest Hill Ave along with Lake Road and Foot Hill Rd all line up together to make the big exception, running parallel North-East to South-West, leading roughly from the center of the cemetery out to its Superior Rd edge. A stroll down Foothill takes you from the monument-stippled treeless flanks below the hillside of Section 3 and the sunny open plains of Section 2 into another world – the tree-covered spaces around Crescent Rd and Bartham Rd.

Most of the roads bend and curl thoughtfully through what is so bucolic it is in fact park. In the background, Chapel Rd descends between Sections 12 and 10, twisting into the distance, with the fork of Temple Rd jutting off to the left.

Ginkgo leaves cover the ground at the intersection of Chapel and Garfield
Designed to resemble the beauty of European pastoral cemeteries, Lake View has sections separated by rolling terrain with roads that swerve among them, keeping these gorgeously-maintained sections both connected and distinct.
The view through various portions of Lake View shows the stunning work of the grounds keepers. The vistas everywhere are rewarding. Click images to enlarge.

In the background, Quarry Rd to the right of the Mayfield entrance bends leftward, about to go over Dugway Brook, which was used below the great dam to create the beautiful ponds in the cemetery.

part of the dam viewed from below
view of the larger pond with Wade Chapel in the center
winter view across the smaller pond
large tree on Circle Rd

In the background, a portion of Garfield Rd spiraling up and away toward Section 12. Below, mausoleums in the hillside of Section 10, across the field from Detour Rd.

Lake View contains mausoleums that have been nearly overgrown by nature. Whether by edict from the owners, or decisions of the grounds crew, the irony of this can hardly be overlooked. Humanity's final man-made stone protection against time and its inevitable faceless non-description is actually brutally fragile in the long run of nature.

In the background is an unnamed road that runs between Quarry and Edgehill. In the fall, with the colors on full display, when you come out at the Edgehill end and keep going for a spin on Circle Rd, you can find the stunning view presented in the final image of this tour.

View of the dam from Section 8 on Edghill Rd.
This image is from Section 23, across from the following image from Section 11
Once this was the view immediately upon entering at the Mayfield gate
Cleveland in the distance from one of the high points off Summit Rd atop Section 3
Fall litters the ground in Section 22
Patinas galore in Section 1 across from Wade Chapel
Sergey with his guitar outside Wade Chapel in Section 5, down the slope a bit from Lake Rd
Trees line the bank of Dugway Brook flowing through Section 9

In the background are parts of Foot Hill Rd and Lake Rd, heading to the right toward Superior Rd.

Photography by David Perelman-Hall