Web Browsers

Web Browser Definition

A web browser (commonly referred to as a browser) is a software application for retrieving, presenting and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

First Released-16th August 1995. The founder of Microsoft Internet Explorer is Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Windows devices will use this browser most of the time.

Google Chrome

First Released-2nd September 2008. The founder of Google Chrome is Google Inc. Google Pixel will use this browser most of the time.

Mozilla Firefox

First Released-9th November 2004. The founder of Mozilla Firefox is Dave Hyatt and Blake Ross. Windows and Macs will use this browser most of the time.

Apple Safari

First Released-7th January 2003. The founder of Apple Safari is Steve Jobs. Mac (Books) will use this browser most of the time.

The 7 Website Purposes

To Inform

Example's of this are: BBC NEWS and WIKIPEDIA.

Wikipedia is where you find information, facts, such as people's opinions. BBC News is where you see information about whats happening in the world.

To Educate

BBC Bitesize is where you interact with yourself by using the website as a educational wise. MyMaths is where you learn even more with maths.

To Persuade

Apple and CNN, makes people to interact with them by persuading the audience's with their views.

For e-commerce

Amazon and Ebay are websites, which engages audience's to come and buy their products.

For Storage

Dropbox and Onedrive are websites which stores, storages, such as downloads, libraries etc.

Soundcloud is a website where you can find songs and make and upload songs on it. Instagram you share photos and videos to each other.

For Social Interaction

Snapchat and What'sapp are social interaction, which are used for to interaction with people around the world and to get in touch with are another.

Conventions of Websites

Logo-A unique and recognisable picture or 'badges'. The user will recognisable this and know that they are on the right website.

Interactive-Any elements of website that allows the user to control or add somethings.

E-Commerce-Used to describe and area of the website that users can buy, sell or trade anything.

Website/Product Name-Similar use to logo. The website/product name will need to be big and clear so the user knows they are on the correct website.

Merchandise-There will be an area of the website where the user can purchase related products or 'merchandise'. Think of it as a gift shop in a museum-but online!

Search Function-This part of a website allows the user to quickly look for anything on the website based on a word or phrase.


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