Steve McCury By: William Jarvis

Born: February 24, 1950. He is still alive and is 67 years.
Steve McCurry is an internationally known documentary photographer with a speciality in India and south-east Asia. His best known photographs are rich vibrant color prints that show small moments of daily life with its struggles and joy.
Steve McCurry's techniques include Rule of Thirds, leading lines, Diagonals, Framing, fill the frame, center dominant eye, patterns and repetition and many more.
Example of Steve using rule of thirds.
Steve McCurry works for National Geographic and his work has appeared in many other magazines.
Steve McCurry uses a 105mm f/2.5 lens on a Nikon FM2 with Kodachrome 64 slide film for his Iconic picture of the girl from Afghanistan. He now shoots with a 28-70mm zoom lens, and a Nikon D700 DSLR and a Hasselblad medium format camera. He uses/used the lenses because he takes many close up portrait photos.
Steve McCurry mainly shoots during sunrise hours a.k.a the golden hours, and was nicknamed the prince of darkness for it.

Steve McCurrys influence was Henri Cartier Bresson.

Steve's near death experience "Flying low over Lake Bled, on assignment in Slovenia in February 1989, the pilot took the plane dangerously close to the water’s surface. The wheels caught and we went down, the propeller shattering as we hit the water. The plane flipped, and the fuselage began to sink in the icy lake. My seat belt was stuck, but an instinct for self-preservation kicked in and I was able to wrestle free. The pilot and I swam under the aircraft to the surface. My camera and bag are still 65 feet down.”

I don't like that some of his work is a little gross looking but I understand why its that way because many of the people he photographs are in third world countries.

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