5 GesT- Mirror with Handle in the form of Hathor Emblem By: Pierce, Michael B, Jaya, and Jasmine


Did you ever think that artifacts that we use today was invented back when the ancient egyptians were alive? This artifact is called Mirror with Handle in the Form of a Hathor Emblem. We will teach you about it in each social scientist. This mirror is involved with every social scientist. It was an important find to us because it’s a object we still use today. This artifact evolved to a higher piece of technology that is used everyday with people. How did this artifact change our lives?


This artifact was important to society. The mirror has a woman’s face with cow’s ears that represents the goddess Bat and is also an emblem of the goddess Hathor. This may lead to them believing in gods or goddesses, probably believing in more than one. Only the wealthy and the higher level people would use this kind of mirror, due to it’s highly polished bronze handle and the mirror part.

Woman during this time period loved putting on makeup. The woman would care much about their fashion. This is why the Egyptians made this brilliant invention. In conclusion, the Egyptians would use the materials they need to make inventions for their appearance.

Since this is made of bronze, they probably had lots of great materials. Maybe they were a very rich civilization. Today we still use this invention. This proves that the Egyptians were very intelligent. This tells me they had a very well-working society. Their civilization was a hard working, intelligent society.


This artifact was found in upper Egypt. To be more specific Thebes. Thebes is on the banks of the Nile river. This is good because the civilization can get water for the people in the civilization. They would of had rich soil too to grow good crops for the people. This is a good artifact to use because it is good for the adults when they go to a fancy place. This is founded in Thebes and it is a very useful object.

This mirror is made out of bronze and it has a silver top. These people are wealthy because they bottom handle is made out of bronze and only wealthy people can afford to buy it. The top part is made out of sliver and sliver is also valuable to buy. The people that would buy this would be up in social class because farmers do not get payed a lot of money to buy this expensive artifact. This artifact would cost lots of money because of all of the pieces that go with it. They were wealthy and they could afford lots of stuff. The civilization was wealthy to get these resources


The egyptians who used the mirror used it for putting on makeup like eyeshadow and eyeliner. They did this because they cared about how they looked. Only rich people could buy the mirror and the poor people had to look in water to see their reflection, causing them to go to a pond or find some source of water. If they didn’t live close enough to a source of water they would have to walk or not see their reflection at all. Egyptians who believed in the goddess Hathor used this artifact, because they thought the goddess could help them and how they looked.

The mirror was made of bronze and silver so it was very expensive, causing them to need a lot of money. This can affect their lives because maybe they spent all their money on the mirror and now they can't buy anything else. Also, because the mirror was made out of bronze and silver, they were a rich civilization. There were a lot of minerals in the mirror. You usually get bronze and silver from mining, so there were slaves mining and hard working to make mirrors for the royal families.


The mirror was an artifact that was used mostly by women. Most women used this mirror for their appearance. This mirror also could have symbolized families, like a treasure or a family generation, so this was important to all egyptians. This artifact also helped us in the future all over the world, if they didn't make that mirror then we wouldn't have mirrors and that would change the world a lot. We wouldn't even find the mirror or explore it, This is why an egyptian mirror is really important even if it's a mirror.

Also, the mirror helped the egyptians be happy about how they look. It makes them think what a wonderful person they are to them when they are sad or even upset. So this means that they have this mirror not to just look good, they have it it show or to express their feelings to everyone. They also thought about themselfs with the mirror too. So when they looked into the mirror they thought how good looking they were. There wasn't only one mirror back then… There were many for the egyptians to use, but they were very expensive. This mirror was important to the society and to the whole land of Egypt.

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