Chaco canyon By Ty Fisher

This park is known as one of the only national parks that is dark and without human light and sound. The owners of it are hoping to keep that away because of their amazing sights of all the nocturnal animals living there. That is their main attraction for the visitors that go there to see the wildlife and wilderness.

This is the Chaco canyon

This place has been considered one of the best attractions by scientists because of the wildlife that lives there. This specific canyon in the summer is usually in the 80's to mid 90's, so it's pretty nice, in my opinion. Unfortunately though thunderstorms aren't exactly uncommon there are a lot of storms that go on there both effecting the animals well and bad. But almost every night the temperature will drop below freezing.

This park preserves a lot of puebloan culture dating back to between 850 and 1250 cea. This is a very special place it is remote and isolated from a lot of danger there still is a lot but it is still very nice and peaceful. But you still want to take caution because there are lots of dangerous weather and dangerous animals.

This is only some of the weather

So as you can see this canyon is one of the best places to visit for a vacation. Even though the weather can be harsh it is definitely worth it after seeing the wildlife and the canyon especially. So if you are looking for adventure this is the perfect place.

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