DNA Structure and Function

Watson and Crick were the scientists that discovered the model of DNA, the double helix. Rosalind Franklin also helped but died of cancer while studying DNA and never got credit.

The amount of Adenine = the amount of Thymine

The amount of Guanine = the amount of Cytosine

He failed to make a connection to the structure of DNA

Indicated DNA is symmetrical

A binds with T through hydrogen bonds and C binds with G through hydrogen bonds

A chromosome is a structure that consists of DNA and associated proteins. A chromosome carries part or all of the of a cell's/person's genetic information

A karyotype is an image of an individuals diploid set of chromosomes. A karyotype has 22 pairs of chromosomes.

enzymes break the hydrogen bonds that hold the double helix together. Then the two DNA strands unwind and separate. After they separate another enzyme makes primers, short, single strands of nucleotides. The primers serve as a place for DNA polymerase, which is the enzyme that assembles new strands of DNA.

DNA gets damaged when the wrong base is added to a growing strand of DNA or when a nucleotide gets lost or if an extra one gets in.

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