Mattel- American Girl Internship Haley Pearson

About Mattel
  • Founded in 1948, the name is a portmanteau of the founders' names Harold Matson and Elliot Handler
  • Originally sold picture frames and dollhouse furniture
  • Donates millions to children's hospitals and charities

Crisis Response

Top: In 2007, lead paint was found on millions of Mattel's toys made in China. Left: Pie chart of Mattel's costs due to the 2007 crisis. Right: Mattel's new line of inclusive Barbies introduced in 2016.
  • After finding toys contaminated with lead paint in 2007, Mattel recalled 18 million products
  • The victim of declining sales and critique of feminist groups for years, Barbie recently combated this with a more inclusive line of dolls that includes varied body types, hair textures, and ethnicities

American Girl

  • One of the main subsidiaries of Mattel
  • Inclusive and education-foused culture
  • Won dozens of awards for their products in the past 4 years
  • President: Katy Dickson
Dolls from American Girl's Historical series (some of the dolls pictured are now discontinued).
About the Internship
  • Located in Chicago
  • Learn key parts of running a retail business and design a business concept
  • Interning at a self-aware company with excellent recent improvement would be an invaluable experience

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