Williamsburg Trip Lady Susannah Beverly Randolph - by Willa Davis

Historic Jamestowne

A Morder and Pestle

This tool is called a morder and pestle and is used for ginding corn into a kind of flour called cornmeal. It is made of wood and was introduced by the Powhatan. This is a common tool amongst all communities. It can also be used to grind rice into rice flour.

The Suzan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery

This outside exhibit is a recreation of the Suzan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery ships. The use of these ships were to sail from England to the New world but these specific replica boats give modern people a sense of what sailing across sea would be like.


The Sliversmith

This is a silversmith shop. A wonderful place where silver is made into new objects that have the same cost as the original object. Without any smells, the soft feeling of the glass is smooth and the shininess of the sliver is beautiful. As a Randolph I already have most of the items in this shop however there are some broken coins I am absolutely dying to have made into earrings. In fact I'm going send my personal slave to order them right now instead of walking all the way down there myself. All of the items in the shop ar hand made by heating the metal in a scolding fire until flexible when the sliversmith hammers it into a shape and carefully carves little designs into it. It seems like a ghastly job to me but the products that come out of that little building are lovely.

The Peyton Randolph House

This grand house above is my son, Peyton Randolph's house. The large photograph is of the house its self. Very large and impressive. The bright red paint is a sign of wealth because paint is expensive and comes all the way from England. The first photo on the bottom of is a candle making area in the slaves' quarters, a sign of our wealth, both candles and slaves. The second photo on the bottom is of my daughter in law's "closet", a special room where she can write important letters or bills and make decisions about various things. Including the food she serves to guests. Though Elisabeth doesn't cook she knows what she wants the severing platter to look like and how the food should taste. I would have to say that that is my favorite room in the house with it's light blue paint, dainty chairs and marble fireplace. I adore to visit it and my sweet little baby, Peyton.

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