4. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? By Connor newbury

Microsoft word played a key part in the planning process of my music video. It allowed me to write up the lyrics for my song so that they could be annotated. It also allowed me to create the floor plans for my various locations. It allowed me to analyse my artists previous album artwork, it also allowed me to research who my target audience would be.
Prezi allows you to create presentations that look exciting and different from the ones you can create using Microsoft. Prezi allowed me to present my finding from my genre research as well as allowing me to answer question one of my evaluation.
Blogger allowed me a site in which I could upload all of my work too. It is easy to use, and you can customise your blog to how you want it to look. Blogger allowed me to upload all of my pre-production, production, post production and evaluation work. It also allows you to write directly on to the blog, which meant I could complete some of my pre-production work straight on to the blog. I also answered question three of my evaluation on my blog.
Slideshare is a website that allows you to upload word documents, power points, images and PDF documents online. It makes these things available for the public to view, but most importantly it gives you an embed code which means you can copy the code and upload it on to your blog. All of my documents on my school PC could be uploaded onto my blog using this website.
Premiere Pro is created by Adobe. It is the software that i used to edit my music video. It makes editing really easy by displaying everything you need in one place. It is easy to learn how to use and after some practice is becomes easier.
Adobe After Effects allowed me to reduce the colour in my scenes where the main character appears on his own. This allowed the music video to really emphasise the main characters loneliness.
Adobe Photoshop allowed me to create and edit my Poster and Digipak. It is simple to use and allows you to create amazing effects on photos. I uploaded the photos I wanted to use and then edited them until they looked correct.
YouTube allowed me to research other music videos of the same genre as my song. It allowed me to see what the typical conventions of pop music videos were, and it helped to form ideas for my own video.
Adobe Spark allowed me to answer question four of my evaluation. It allows you to create an online presentation in which you can upload photos and write text.
The Cannon 700D is the camera that I used to film my music video. It creates high quality films and photos and is simple to use. It also allowed me take the photos needed for my Digipak and poster advert.
This is the tri-pod I used during filming to keep the camera still. It allowed me to keep the camera steady during most scenes in my film.
I used various PC's throughout the school as well as at home (Not the one shown above). The PCs allowed me to do most of my coursework. Access to the monitor, keyboard and mouse were all vital as without them I would not be able to complete my coursework.
I used printers / scanners / copiers at school in order to print work off to edit it, as well as scan in any work that had been hand written / drawn. The machine allows you to scan documents and send them to your school email.
Wordle is an online tool that allows you to create word clouds out of different words. You can copy in large chunks of text and it will remove all commonly used words, and it will display the less common words. The words that appear most are displayed larger than others. I used wordle to create a word cloud from my audience feedback.

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